My Expenses

When I was first elected, it was all about expense news stories.  From Senate expense stories to the MLA expenses to MPs flights it seems this has become top of mind.

For my part, I’ve been posting my travel expenses since I was first elected.  I used to post it here but I have expenses so infrequently that I now just have a link to the routine disclosure page on the site.

I never claim mileage for my car unless traveling out of Halifax. I don’t normally claim parking.  I use cabs if I need to but I prefer to walk, bike, or take transit.

To be clear – I know that the bigger your district gets the higher your travel expenses are.  It makes sense!  Councillor Hendsbee has a district it takes a couple of hours to drive across, and he does a lot of constituency work, and his expenses are high.  I am lucky to live just 1 km from City Hall and have City Hall in my District.  My low expenses reflect more where I live than some moral or ethical ideal.