Commercial Tax Motion

It is recommended that Halifax Regional Council direct the Mayor to write the Minister of Municipal Affairs to:

(1) Request that the Provincial Government, in order to increase predictability for taxpayers, consider making changes to the legislation governing the assessment process so that:
a) The annual valuation is averaged over a three year period or,
b) The full assessment roll is updated every three to four years, as is the current policy in
Saskatchewan and Ontario.

(2) And to request amendments to the Halifax Regional Municipal Charter that would provide Council with greater legislative authority in setting taxes and charges respecting the general tax rate and area rates for both residential and commercial properties, including
(a) the authority for Council to determine and set rates and charges that are different for:
(i) different areas of the Municipality,
(ii) different categories and size of businesses , and
(iii) different classes of building and size of structures, and

(b) the authority for Council to determine and set:
(i) a rate or charge for frontage on a street,
(ii) a uniform charge or amount of tax that is payable per property or per dwelling unit ,
(iii) a maximum and minimum charge or amount of tax that is payable, and
(iv) a surtax or graduated rates.