Update #42 – Centre Plan Workshops, St Pats High LUB And MPS, Participatory Budgeting Deadlines

A number of items are coming up that can’t wait for the May newsletter – Participatory Budgeting deadline is May 2, Centre Plan meeting in District 7 is May 5, St Pats PIM is May 9, details below: CENTREPLAN UPDATE | Meeting May 2, May 3, May 5, and May 11 Thank you for your deep engagement in the March 21st Open House for the Centre Plan project. We had wonderful attendance (450+) and are excited for the next steps read more

Update #41 – Nova Centre Public Open House, Brent Toderian lecture, Spring Garden West, much more

In the four days since my last update we’ve had six events come in that I think you may be interested in. A lot of open houses and engagements, but I want to point out that the construction mitigation open house is finally happening the afternoon of April 18 and then Brent Toderian is coming to do a lecture that afternoon, so that will be a banner day! Nova Centre Public Open House – Pre-Application Downtown Halifax Monday, April 11 read more

Update #40 – Participatory budgeting, Save Young Avenue, by-right explained, much more.

NEWS Happy April 1st. No jokes from me, though I was tempted! This newsletter contains info on Participatory Budgeting info meeting on Monday April 4,Save Young Avenue Monday April 18, a list of most of the capital projects that will happen in District 7 in the coming year (including paving and sidewalks).  But first I want to write a bit more about planning and land use. Last newsletter I wrote about “by right” developments.  I got a great email from read more