gorsebrookmeetingprocessedI listen to the people of District 7: between October 2012 and today, I’ve sent an estimated 28,200 emails, responded to 2,230 voicemails from residents, and had 2,830 meetings and events on your behalf. Those conversations helped me identify what’s important to you.

I’ve kept my commitments and delivered results for the people of District 7. Long-awaited investment in and renewal of our neglected schools, parks and municipal buildings has been secured. We’ve made important changes so our communities, streets and sidewalks are safer for everyone.

  • Obtained Council support to fund an enhanced gym at the new Le Marchant St. Thomas replacement school
  • Introduced the participatory budgeting program for district capital in HRM, allowing residents to vote on how to spend $94,000 to improve our community
  • Secured downtown funding that will see Barrington refurbished this summer andArgyle and Grafton streets streetscaped this spring
  • Renewed parks, including the St. Francis Field and Inglis Street Park; with playground upgrades at St. Mary’s Elementary School and Inglis Street Park.
  • Supported the construction of a permanent building at the Halifax Oval
  • Helped get the new regional plan passed, worked to see the Centre Plan and the Schmidtville and Old South Suburb Heritage conservation districts completed, and worked to get funding and staff in place to start the demolition of the Cogswell Interchange
  • Established the first urban Joint Emergency Management (JEM) group, a volunteer committee that supports HRM’s emergency preparedness efforts and EMO in case of emergency
  • Advocated for significant improvements and new construction for the city’s bike lanes and active transportation infrastructure

People in District 7 love our neighbourhoods. Let’s keep working together to ensure that we protect our assets – from Point Pleasant Park to the Public Gardens, from the Central Library to the St. Mary’s Boat Club. We also want to foster growth and change in a way that will enhance the vibrant communities we’re so proud of. Together we can achieve these goals.

I’ve made nine promises in three areas that will help build stronger neighbourhoods:

  1. Housing affordability a critical issue for HRM and District 7

    1. Ensure that all plans, especially the Centre Plan, support inclusive zoning and affordable housing requirements as a part of a density bonusing plan.
    2. Consider development permit relief and Charter changes to allow multi-year tax relief for not-for-profit housing providers, but tied to increased provincial funding, and  to the five-year targets, for existing and new affordable stock.
    3. Request that province hand over funding and the responsibility of managing and delivering affordable housing and social housing in HRM over to the municipality
  2. Protecting our homes and neighbourhoods in District 7

    1. Complete the Centre Plan and include strong protection for residential (R1, R2) areas.
    2. Restrict the ability of staff to approve variances and spell out that a variance decision does not create a precedent.
    3. Invest more resources in HRM’s heritage staff and programming, and get the province to allow HRM to create new, stronger heritage protection rules than the provincial act currently allows.
  3. Continuing to renew our aging parks and rec infrastructure

    1. Increase reinvestment in existing parks and recreation spaces to protect and improve what we already enjoy.
    2. Make it easier to formalize relationships with delivery partners to help deliver programming or improve facilities.
    3. Expand after-school, March break and summer programming, increasing the amount of programming to meet the demand.

On October 15, vote to re-elect Waye Mason – Progressive Ideas: Proven Results

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