LED Light Conversion, budget highlights, summer paving, more

Lots of news this issue – info on the LED light conversion, budget details, paving details, an important meeting on the Integrated Mobility Plan, and many community meetings below! REMINDER – Participatory Budgeting deadline coming May 15 – more info here: http://halifaxsouth.ca/pb News & Updates LED Light Conversion I have had some kudos and some complaints regarding the LED light replacement that has just come to our neighbourhoods. I absolutely understand the concerns – the lights are brighter than before, and read more

Wanderers Grounds pop up stadium proposal

I’ve received a lot of emails concerned about the proposed “pop up stadium” on the Wanderer’s grounds. I share a lot of the concerns! First off, Council is not deciding to allow this, Council will possibly ask for a staff report to consider the proposal. This is very far from a done deal, there are many questions that need to be answered first. Sports Entertainment Atlantic has requested HRM consider allowing temporary bleachers at Wanderers to allow a 6000 seat read more

Argyle street update

I am very excited that the Argyle renovation is finally happening, though I understand the concerns folks have about the potential impact on local business. The proposal to renovate Argyle came from the business community, coming from a process that lead to this document in Feb 2012.  Funding was approved in 2013 and this specific project was approved by Council in April 2016. The business community has been involved with the development and timing of this for two years, through the business read more