Dog days of summer, major site specific approval report, downtown sidewalks, more

  News I heard Bob Murphy on CBC Mainstreet say “it’s the dog days of summer” this week and I thought “oh that can’t be right” and then realized, yes indeed it is the longest, warmest, hottest part of summer,and time keeps flying by!  What that means in the municipality is that meetings slow to a trickle and road paving ramps up considerably. For those of you that missed it I wrote a short blog on “when do we get read more

Sidewalks in downtown, an update

Let’s face it, the unusually high number of construction projects have made parts of downtown a challenge to navigate and enjoy this summer. For my own sanity I put together a list of projects underway right now in the downtown core (1 square km from Cogswell to the Superstore, waterfront to South Park) with anticipated dates that the sidewalk will be back, with no scaffolding over it. Note – these are approximate!  Other projects will start, so this number will read more