Crane Removal – Government of Nova Scotia Update – October 3, 2019

Work at the site continues. The companies expect the process of anchoring and securing the crane to continue right through the weekend, with the goal of completing that stage of work early next week. Then the companies expect to start removing the crane, with the cutting of the front jib (the section overhanging and resting on South Park Street) as the first step of that process.

To allow for the assembly of a heavy-lift crane we have extended a street closure on South Park and implemented some changes to parking and crosswalk use.

  • South Park Street is now closed to vehicles from the corner of Spring Garden all the way to the north driveway of the Park Victoria apartment building. We expect, however, residents and patrons to still be able to access the Park Vic building by vehicle through both driveways on South Park.
  • Parking on South Park from Brenton to University Avenue will also be prohibited beginning tomorrow (Friday)
  • The crosswalk at South Park and Breton Place is also closed.

Pedestrian access in the area is the same. The sidewalks currently outside the fenced zone remain open to traffic by foot and chair, meaning that the public/patrons/employees/residents are still able to access the open buildings on South Park Street (i.e. Twiggz, Le Bistro, Humani-T, Fawcetts and Trillium) by foot and chair.

The other impacts to the residents of the Trillium Building are as follows:
Vehicles exiting the Trillium parking garage must exit left on Brenton Place, then right on Brenton St. to Morris St. Pedestrians exiting the Trillium will have the option of travelling south on Brenton place or crossing Brenton Place to use the sidewalk on the south side of South Park to the extent of the fencing. Pedestrians travelling towards the hospitals are encouraged to use the signalized intersection at South Park and Morris. Business deliveries by vehicle to the Trillium will have access via Brenton Place.

Other impacts to Park Vic businesses/residents are expected to be as follows:

Business deliveries by vehicle must be made via Brenton St. All driveways which presently service this building will remain open however parking is being prohibited on South Park street from university to Brenton Place.

We expect all/most of the measures described above to remain in place for the rest of the project.

Further details of the project will be shared as they become available.