Endorsement – Richard and Grace Beasley

Richard and Grace are a wonderful couple who are devoted to making our community a better place, and have been dedicated to the Brunswick Street Mission and Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes.  The picture above is Richard right before we went to paddle around in BMBCL so he could have me see it through his eyes. Grateful for their support and endorsement.

Waye answers every email in a timely fashion! Example A: When encouraged to vote for investing in the proposal to help the Nova Scotia Nature Trust (NSNT) purchase the “Connector Land” in Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes (BMBCL) area, he emailed back to let us know that he would be voting for the proposal. Example B: When asked to look into improper snow plowing that resulted in South Street being partially blocked, he did so and the problem disappeared. Example C: When asked for information about the Doyle being permitted to be built so high it blocked the view of Citadel Hill from the fifth floor of the Central Library, he provided it even though he knew it would not ease our disappointment. He’s our kind of Councillor!

Waye seeks information to inform his decisions. Back in 2016, he accepted an invitation to go for a paddle in the BMBCL area; it was his first time to visit the area. He was convinced the right thing to do was to support the acquisition of more land for the BMBCL. He saw the need to protect this unique gem in HRM. If the plans for BMBCL Regional Park are not fully realized, once the land is gone, HRM can’t get it back.

Waye supports important causes in his district, like attending the Brunswick Street Mission (BSM) Annual Breakfast to raise money for programs to assist those living in poverty and those who are homeless in inner-city Halifax, and he has obtained financial help to not for profits like the Mission to improve safety and operations.

Richard and Grace Beasley, Residents, District 7