Report Card 2021

In the 2020 election, I made 19 promises, of which 7 are complete, 11 are underway, and 1 is incomplete and at risk.

Of the 11 that are underway, 8 should be done by next summer and 3 are on target to be done under their proposed timelines.

The only promise that may not be delivered is relying on actions from the Provincial government, and I continue to lobby for Nova Scotia to release that much-needed funding.

As most of my promises will unexpectedly be met early, within the first 18 months of this term, I will return you with new goals in January. 

These goals will revolve around Inclusive Communities, Mobility, Housing, and the Environment. 

Until then I am pleased to share my 2021 report card with you, with links to reports or news stories on each promise.


 Work hard, keep confronting and addressing issues of systemic racism, discrimination, and lack of equity

  • Underway – Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources annual reports show progress to date – more here

Launch the Density Bonus Funded Affordable Housing Program

 Complete the Centre Plan delayed by COVID-19 by 2021   

Complete the suburban and rural land use plan and main street investment reviews by 2024

  • Underway – Regional Plan and land use updates will be debated on Tuesday – more here (will be posted Friday)

COVID-19 economic recovery plan in 2020-21         

Continue our award-winning red tape reduction program.

Develop a new Halifax Partnership five-year economic strategy   

  • Underway – Target for completion is January 2022 – more here


Provide EV car-charging infrastructure at all municipal facilities by 2025.

Transition 50% of the Halifax Transit bus fleet to long-range battery-electric buses by 2028 and 100% by 2034.

  • Underway – 60 battery electric buses and charging infrastructure are confirmed for Provincial/Federal/Municipal funding – more here

Expand the Solar City (PACE) program to include residential energy efficiency, including building envelope and main panel upgrades.

  • Done – program expended to deep energy retrofits – more here

Purchase land toward complete regional parks, such as Sandy Lake and Blue Mountain Birch Cove, while continuing to renew district parks, especially implementing the Common Master Plan

  • Underway – Councillor Blackburns motion of November 2021 bring Sandy Lake with a report back within a year, more here
  • Underway – The report regarding Blue Mountain Birch Cove sets up the strong potential for the park becoming a National Urban Park in partnership with the Government of Canada – more here (report public Friday, will update)
  • Underway – The Common Master plan has come back for discussion in January – more here

Commit the municipality to produce or purchase 100% renewable electricity as early as 2025.

Connecting People and Places          

Complete the construction of the Regional Centre All Ages and Abilities bike network within three years, while strengthening connections to Woodlawn, Bedford and mainland Halifax.

  • Underway – due to COVID delays the five year build is anticipated to take six years. Summer 2022 should see most of the remaining proposed lanes put in using tactical approach, combined with the MacDonald Bridge flyover construction start – More here

Secure funding and start construction of the Rapid Transit network plan for bus rapid transit fast ferry plan, with a completion date of 2029.           

Implement digital transit fares and contactless payment on Halifax Transit by 2022.

  • Underway, purchase of digital payment system is finishing now and should be announced in the new year – more here

Completing the work to include accessibility impact in staff reports, provincial support for more wheelchair-accessible taxis, and support for a diverse, representative, accessible, municipal workplace.

  • Underway – Wheelchair taxi program has been tendered and should be approved in the new year – more here
  • Underway – Accessibly impact in reports – motion made to change reports – more here
  • Underway – Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources annual reports show progress to date – more here

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