Budget 2023, property tax relief, Public Gardens fire, more

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My Council Update includes info on the recently approved budget, property tax exemption and referral programs (part of the Affordable Access program), the Public Gardens fire, community developers, upcoming travel, and more.

Public Meetings and Hearings has info on meetings including requests for input on climate change adaption and West End Mall Future Growth Node. Roadworks is crammed with new road and sidewalk closures as the summer construction season approaches.  Community Events & Information has a ton of information in it about ECMA, summer programs, NAIG AND SO MUCH MORE

Councillor Update

Hello all,

Is it April that is the cruellest month?  I think it certainly is in Nova Scotia. This last weekend of sun and “warmth” was restorative and it was great to see the district spring to life! I’ve got a couple of updates to share with you today.

May is Asian Heritage Month! This month provides an opportunity to learn about the history, traditions, and achievements of Asian communities and to appreciate their significant impact on Canadian society. This year, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Halifax Public Libraries, the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and community members have worked together to create a variety of activities in the Halifax region. Stay tuned by visiting https://www.halifax.ca/about-halifax/diversity-inclusion/asian-heritage-month. 

May is also Jewish History Month, which is celebrated annually in Canada during May, providing an opportunity to recognize the significant contributions of Jewish Canadians to our country’s social, cultural, and economic fabric. This month-long celebration is also an occasion to remember the hardships and triumphs of Jewish communities throughout history.  Whether you’re new to learning about Jewish heritage, or you’re looking to delve deep into your own cultural roots, these titles recommended by the Halifax Public Libraries are sure to set you on a path of discovery and insight! View their recommended titles by visiting https://halifax.bibliocommons.com/list/share/1136104017_hfxpl_localhistory/2087583449_jewish_heritage_month.

On April 25, 2023, Regional Council approved the 2023/24 municipal budget which will see the municipal residential tax rate will decrease from 0.794 to 0.760 on residential assessment.

Halifax Regional Municipality budget in 2023/24 will be $1.2 billion – including an operating budget of $979.6 million (total municipal expenditures) and provincial mandatory contributions of $192.2 million – as well as a capital plan of $333.3 million.

After factoring in the tax rate reduction and assessment increase, the average residential tax bill is increasing by 5.9 per cent. The average single-family home tax bill will increase by $128 in 2023/24,

Municipal tax-supported debt will remain stable at approximately $194.5 million in 2023/24, with tax-supported debt servicing costs under five per cent of revenues, which is well below provincial guidelines for debt management.

A new commercial taxation policy came into effect on April 1, 2023, changing the way that commercial property taxes are calculated going forward. Geographical tax boundaries for commercial properties will change from the previous urban, suburban and rural areas to one of five new tax areas that vary by the assessed value of the property, within three tiers of assessment. The goal of this change is to provide some protection for small businesses in the downtowns and commercial main streets of HRM.  The rates for each tier and tax area can be found at  halifax.ca/taxrates

The Property Tax Exemption and Deferral Program, part of the Affordable Access Program, offers homeowners assistance with paying property taxes. Through the program, residents can apply for a property tax exemption, rebate, deferral of current year property tax and deferral of local improvement charges. There are also payment plan options that can assist taxpayers with personal budgeting.

With the Halifax Regional Municipality’s  Affordable Access program you only need one application to apply for:

  • Affordable Transit Pass (applications open mid-May and processed on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Recreation programming funding (applications are open year-round with no deadline)
  • Property tax payment assistance (deadline of August 15 for an exemption on your final tax bill)

To learn more, to see if you qualify, or to apply, call 311 or visit www.halifax.ca/affordableaccess

Just as my last newsletter was going “to press” we started to learn of another fire on the Public Gardens.  I have gotten a lot of emails from residents wanting to know the status of the investigation, what steps are being taken to protect the gardens, etc.  I am not informed about active investigations by police, and have no details to share, but I am assured that it is being investigated and staff are very concerned about yet another incident.

I will be asking the CAO to explore having a night guard.  I find this frustrating because it’s going to be a significant expense, and that is money I’d love to see spent somewhere else.

I’ve also had a number of residents speculate that the fires have something to do with the homeless tenters in Victoria Park. I just don’t think so, and  I’ve talked to our outreach staff and none of us think that is likely for a number of reasons. There certainly is no evidence of this, and that kind of wild speculation is not helpful to anyone.

The repairs to Horticultural Hall will take some time.  The contractor has provided HRM with an estimated timeline of 8 weeks for the fire damage repairs. Since this is a heritage building some of the repairs will take longer to restore due to the historical requirements for items such as the wood siding, back door and the window above the door.  The deck replacement will be scheduled once HRM has awarded the contract to the successful bidder.  It is anticipated the contractor will allow 120 days to schedule and complete the new Horticulture Hall deck.

The East Cost Music Awards are taking place in Downtown Halifax from May 3-7, 2023.  I’ve put a number of event listings later in this update.  It’s going the be an amazing week!

Did you know the municipality has a team of community developers to support your local volunteer efforts? The team of community developers are here to support:

  • Volunteers
  • neighbourhood associations
  • non-profit organizations
  • residents trying to start a community project

Your local community developer will help you reach your goal and make a difference in your community. To learn more about their services, visit http://halifax.ca/volunteer.

Finally, May and June are very busy for events and conferences in the municipal world.  I wanted to let you know I am in Digby for the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities spring conference May 3-5, then in Toronto for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference where I will be speaking on a panel and participating from May 25-May 28.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of spring and take care,


Public Meetings, Hearings & Engagement

Halifax Regional Council – Halifax City Hall, Council Chambers
If you want to read reports coming to Regional Council (posted mid-day Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting) or to check the agenda. Upcoming meetings:

  • May 9, 10:00 am
  • May 23, 9:30 am

Agendas here: https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=127

Halifax & West Community Council – Halifax City Hall, Council Chambers
Community Council meets on Tuesday evenings alternating with Regional Council. Please check the webpage here for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations, and times.

  • Tuesday, May 16, 6 pm (if required)

Agenda here – https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140

Regional Centre Community Council – Harbour East Marine Drive Room, Alderney Landing
Community Council meets on Tuesday evenings alternating with Regional Council. Please check the webpage here for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations, and times.

  • Wednesday, May 24, 6 pm (if required)

Agenda here – https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140

Halifax Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee & Design Advisory Committee
The Nova Scotia government has suspended the meeting of planning advisory committees and most forms of public engagement in planning for three years, ending April 2025.

Information about how to watch or participate in virtual meetings can be found on the agenda pages. Please confirm meeting dates and times on our website as dates and times are subject to change.

Public hearings
Public hearings are published 2-3 weeks before they take place. There are no public hearings posted at this time. A list of upcoming hearings can be found here: https://www.halifax.ca/business/planning-development/public-hearings

April 25 to May 2 | Halifax Public Libraries

Halifax Public Libraries and #HalifACT are partnering to learn from you. This month’s topic is about preparing for climate change and we want to hear your thoughts. Visit your local library branch between April 25 and May 2 to share your feedback in person using our interactive displays, or participate online at www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/halifact. We’ll share the information we gather and use it to create climate resources, programs and support for effective climate action. Have your say.

Ongoing | Virtual

The municipality is seeking public input about the policies that will guide the future development of the West End Mall Future Growth Node planning process. Share your feedback and participate in the online survey available until May 12. Learn more by visiting https://www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/west-end-mall

Roadworks Update

Map of increasing amount of road work in District 7

The following street closures or sidewalk disruptions have recently been added to the RoadWorks map

You can find out road closure details on the HRM Roadworks map:https://www.halifax.ca/transportation/streets-sidewalks/RoadWorks

Cogswell Construction Project
This major construction project, one of the biggest HRM has ever undertaken, is well underway.  Construction will take three years.  More info can be found here:  https://www.halifax.ca/about-halifax/regional-community-planning/construction-projects/cogswell-district-redevelopment

Jubilee Road CN Bridge – Updated
Canadian National Railways (CN) and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) are proceeding with bridge and roadway rehabilitation work on Jubilee Road in April 2023. The work will include rehabilitation of the arch bridge structure, full replacement of the roadway, railing, and sidewalks as well as work to the water and wastewater services. Construction is planned to last for seven months during which time no pedestrian or vehicular traffic will be permitted.

Map showing pedestrian, cycle and car detours around the Jubilee Bridge rehabilitation.

All efforts will be taken to reduce the impact to your property during construction. Parking access may be impacted during construction to complete the work. Further notice of impacts for driveway access will be given at the time of construction. During construction, water and wastewater services will be maintained to your homes however there will be short periods when water service is temporarily disrupted. Some residents will be connected to a temporary water system for the duration of construction.

The contractor will notify residents directly in advance of temporary water installation and provide 2 days notices of short-term water service disruptions. Updates will also be provided on HRMs webpage at halifax.ca/cnbridgesrehabilitation. If you have any tenants at this address, please forward a copy of this letter for their information.

Please contact CN at 1-888-888-5909 or at contact@cn.ca if you have any questions.

Community Events and Info

May 1 – 7 | Various Locations

National Youth Week takes place every year from May 1 to 7 and is dedicated to the celebration of youth and their active participation in their communities.  Whether it is recreation, drama, sport, dance, civic engagement, art, volunteerism or leadership, young people are regularly engaged in meaningful activities during their discretionary time. National Youth Week is a time to honour their involvement! This year’s lineup of National Youth Week events has a variety of activities to participate in – from brunch with the Mayor to potlucks, sports, baking, and so much more. Learn more about the schedule online at Halifax.ca

Mental Health Week
May 2 – May 8 | Nationwide

Mental Health Week is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mental health for Canadians. Mental health is an essential part of overall health and wellbeing, and it is crucial to take care of our mental health just as we take care of our physical health. In Canada, mental health issues affect a significant number of individuals, with 1 in 5 Canadians experiencing a mental health problem or illness each year. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these issues, with increased levels of anxiety, depression, and stress reported across the country. The Canadian Mental Health Association has a great list of resources on Mental Health. Check them out by downloading one of their helpful and informative toolkits at https://cmha.ca/mental-health-week/toolkits/.

East Coast Music Awards 2023
May 3-7 | Various Venues and sites

The East Coast Music Awards: Festival and Conference (ECMA) is a five-day, non-stop musical celebration showcasing and recognizing the best of East Coast artists and music. This year, ECMA celebrates a major milestone with the 35th anniversary of the festival, bringing with it the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the past, present, and future of music in Atlantic Canada. Join us this year in the host city of Halifax, NS, as we light up the stages with East Coast music from May 3 – 7, 2023. For a full schedule visit https://ecma.com

May 3-6 | Grand Parade, Argyle Street

Halifax’s Grand Parade will come alive with a variety of activities and performances running daily from 12 to 4 pm. The program begins on May 3rd with a sunrise ceremony at 9 am followed later by an opening blessing and program kick-off at 12 noon including special remarks and a performance of the Honour Song. The weekend will have a backdrop of lit teepees, a sacred fire, traditional Mi’kmaq hand drumming and many styles of competitive Indigenous dance including the grass dance, women’s and men’s traditional, fancy shawl, jingle dress as well as the Mi’kmaq Ko’jua. On May 4th Aaron Prosper will lead a Ko’jua tutorial all are welcome to join in followed by the MNFC Atelhai program’s presentation Inuit throat singing. A tobacco offering has also been added to the May 5th schedule in recognition of the National Day of Awareness surrounding Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls. The Wije’winen Cultural Circle will culminate with a showcase of community drumming, dance and spoken word on May 6th. For more information, visit the East Coast Music Awards website, www.ecma.com 

Bead & Stitch Circle
Every Wednesday to May 10 12-1 pm | Every One Every Day Gottingen St. Neighbourhood Shop 

Are you working on a new beading project? Have a scarf you need to finish knitting? Bring your beadwork or stitching projects down to the Shop and enjoy the space and time to create with your neighbours!

HRM-East Hants Spring Job Fair
Thursday, May 4 10 am – 3 pm | Dalplex, 6260 South Street
The HRM-East Hants Spring Job Fair is the largest job fair in HRM. Over 1,000 job seekers will network in-person and virtually with over 120 actively hiring employers at this one-day event on May 4th.  The Job Fair is hosted by Nova Scotia Works centres: Job Junction, FutureWorx, Opportunity Place, Teamwork Cooperative, and YMCA Halifax. Learn more at HRMJobFair.ca.

National Day Of Awareness For Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls
May 5 Nation Wide

May 5th is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG).  According to the National Inquiry into MMIWG, Indigenous women and girls represented 16% of all female homicides in Canada. Service agencies estimate that of the trafficked or exploited women and girls they served, 51% of were Indigenous.  In recent years, red dresses have become a symbolic representation of the more than 1,000 MMIWG across Canada. According to tradition, red is the only colour spirits can see and is a way of calling the spirits of those missing and murdered back to their loved ones. On May 5th, wear red to not only honour the voices of these women and girls but to show your support of survivors, community members and those affected by the intergenerational trauma of this ongoing issue. To learn more about this important day, visit https://www.mmiwg-ffada.ca/final-report/ 

TD Connected Concerts Classical Showcase at ECMAs
Saturday, May 6 | Paul O’Reagan Hall, Halifax Central Library

On Saturday, May 6th, the Canadian Music Centre and Debut Atlantic will celebrate East Coast classical music with a showcase of remarkable East Coast talent at Paul O’Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library. The event will be hosted by Allegra Swanson, Executive Director of Music Nova Scotia. This free concert will include works by ECMA-nominated CMC Associate and East Coast composers.

Do you have prom dresses and/or suits to donate?
May 6 and May 13 9 am – 5 pm | Neptune Theatre’s Scotia Bank Stage entrance (Argyle Street)

Stop by Neptune Theatre’s Scotiabank Stage entrance May 6th & 13th from 9am-5pm! All donations will support next year’s production of “THE PROM” and will be re-gifted for graduating classes of 2024.  We are also able to do a pick-up via text message: 902-402-4750 if you have something to donate but will not be downtown.

Kidical Mass
On Sundays starting May 7 and ending October 29 | Various Locations

Kidical Mass is an international movement to create a “Kidical Mass” (a play on ‘Critical Mass’) of families who want to enable children’s independent and safe mobility. Our rides are a celebration of cycling and a way to show that kids and families need safe spaces to ride.  2023 is the second year for Kidical Mass Halifax. We had our first official ride in May 2022 in the west end of Halifax. We were expecting a few families, and also expecting we’d know most of them by name, or by bicycle. But, by the time we were ready to roll our group had grown to 60 people, including grownups (with and without kids) and children of all ages: some on their own bicycles, and others in child seats, trailers, and cargo bikes. The momentum continued throughout our rides in Dartmouth, North End Halifax; and our 2022 season ended with participation in the Quiet Parade, a Nocturne event celebrating disability. On each ride, we met new children and families who bolstered our enthusiasm for Kidical Mass and showed us that there is great demand for children’s safe and independent mobility in Halifax.

  • Sunday May 7, 9:30am (Halifax Waterfront)
  • Sunday June 4, 9:30am (Central/South End Halifax)
  • Sunday July 16, 9:30am (Downtown Dartmouth)
  • Sunday August 13, 9:30am (North End Halifax)
  • Sunday September 24, 9:30am (West End Halifax)
  • Sunday October 29, 9:30am (Dartmouth)

You can read a lot more about us on our website: https://hfx.bike/kidical-mass/

Open City 2023
Registration Deadline Monday, May 8th, 2023

Open City is a celebration of all the entrepreneurs and small businesses of Halifax peninsula and Downtown Dartmouth that make our community so special, vibrant, exciting, and welcoming. This event focuses on community and local. It encourages people to get out to explore and support businesses in their community, or a neighbourhood nearby.  Restaurants, retailers and local shops are all invited to participate by offering up a special menu item, a unique service, a music performance, a discount or promotion, or something as simple as chalk out front of your business to let people draw on your sidewalk. This is meant to move people around the city and support businesses with an incentive to do so, but in a way that each business feels comfortable with.  Registration to participate is free and easy! Simply submit your offer to the web form located here: https://www.opencityhfx.com/participating-businesses  

Community Impact Sector Day of Recognition event
May 12, 2-4pm | Cedar Event Center, 111 Clayton Park Drive

This event is held in celebration of the 20,000 Nova Scotians who work in the charitable and non-profit sector. Given your dedication to the community and arts and culture, we thought you would be especially interested in being there. This year, we will be celebrating on Friday, May 12 from 2:00-5:00 p.m. at the Cedar Event Centre, 111 Clayton Park Drive, Halifax. There will be live performances, awards for extraordinary work in the sector, words of inspiration, and time for connection.  As you know, hundreds of thousands of Nova Scotians benefit from the community impact sector every day. Those who work in the sector are passionate, strategic, diverse, innovative, and humbly committed to their work. Looking back on the past three extraordinary years in particular, the sector has persevered through it all. Some words of thanks, and time to pause and reflect on accomplishments are overdue.

Spruce Up for Spring Grant
Applications Open for North End Businesses Deadline May 12

To help our members enhance their storefronts, the North End Business Association (NEBA) is offering a ‘Spruce Up For Spring’ Grant. This Grant will subsidize the cost of freshening up storefronts with a maximum grant of $250.00 including tax per business between the timeframe of April 1, 2023, and June 30, 2023. The Grant is available to businesses that are categorized as retail, food and drink, personal care/retail services, attractions, and accommodations. Eligible businesses must be located in the NEBA catchment area (see catchment map here). For more information contact Tristen Haley, NEBA Marketing & Communications Coordinator at info@gonorthhalifax.com

Living Nova Scotia Community Access Program
Begins May 16, 2023 | Onsite Learning Opportunity

Independent Living Nova Scotia’s (ILNS) Community Access Program (CAP) is a 9-week pre-employment program perfect for anyone who is

  • 18-24 years old
  • Living in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)
  • Wanting to connect with their community
  • Looking to develop life and employment skills

Those interested can apply for CAP at the following link: https://ilns.ca/cap/ or get in touch with program staff at cap@ilns.ca or 902-453-0004

Litterati Challenge
May 2023 | HRM

This year HRM Solid Waste Resources will be issuing a Litterati challenge in each municipal electoral district to see which district’s residents can pick up the most pieces of litter. Residents can join the new Electoral District Challenges by downloading the app and searching their municipal district number, plus the word “Cleanup.” (e.g. District 1 Cleanup). Residents can also join using the code “HRM” with their district number (e.g., HRM1).  In June 2023, zero waste prize kits will be awarded to the top three litter collectors in each district for the month of May. In October 2023, a second round of prizes will be awarded to the top three litter collectors in each district for the timeframe of April 1 to September 30, 2023. Information on municipal electoral districts can be found by visiting our website.

Alternatively, residents can join our ongoing CLEANHRM challenge using the join code CLEANHRM.  Using the Litterati mobile app and joining a HRM challenge will enable the municipality to collect information on litter hot spots and makeup and will help inform future initiatives to mitigate litter in our communities! Over 26,061 pieces of litter were collected through HRM’s Litterati challenges last year.    For additional sessions throughout the spring, summer and fall, or to get more information on Litterati, residents are encouraged to follow Halifax Recycles or visit halifax.ca/litterati

HRM LakeWatchers
July 1 – August 31 | Lakes near you

Get involved in monitoring the quality of our local lakes! The municipality’s LakeWatchers program launched last year and is a great way to help keep our lakes safe and clean. The program will involve community teams to:

  • Conduct environmental monitoring in 76 lakes across the municipality.
  • Collect data, such as pH levels, to inform future actions to maintain/improve a lake’s health.
  • Share data with residents through future staff reports to Regional Council and through the municipality’s Open Data Portal (https://catalogue-hrm.opendata.arcgis.com/)

You can get involved!  Data collection will take place twice yearly through a year through internal sampling (staff or contractors) and/or trained community teams, called LakeWatchers. The municipality will leverage existing water quality community groups and welcomes new volunteers to collect data in support of this program.  Interested in getting involved? Learn more: https://halifax.ca/lakewatchers

Canada Summer Jobs 2023
Available Now | Online

Youth 15-30 can now apply for the federal government’s Canada Summer Jobs program, as the hiring period for 2023 has launched! This is your chance to gain experience and put your skills to use to help your community! Canada Summer Jobs aims to help younger Canadians develop the skills and experience to transition successfully into the labour market.  Keep an eye out here for the many opportunities that will be posted here:
https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/youth. New jobs will be added regularly as they are approved for funding by the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Adventure Earth Camps and Programs
Registration is now open | Visit www.halifax.ca/myrec

The Adventure Earth Centre is offering a variety of outdoor recreation programming this summer!
– Overnight Camps at Camp Mockingee
– Day Camps at Shubie Park
– Day Camps at Fleming Park
Visit www.halifax.ca/aec  to learn more about these outdoor, interactive summer programs.

North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)
July 15-23 | Various Venues

It is less than 100 days the start of the 2023 North American Indigenous Games! Three months from now, Kjipuktuk will welcome over 5,000 Indigenous athletes, managers and coaches across 16 different sports from all across Turtle Island representing over 750 Nations. Sport. Culture. Legacy.  NAIG is one of the largest games in North America, larger than the Canada Games.  For more info visit www.naig2023.com

Natal Day 2023
August 7, 2023 | Halifax Regional Municipality

Mark your calendars for Natal Day! Registration is now open for participants in the annual Natal Day parade! As part of the municipality’s Natal Day weekend programming, residents are invited to participate in the Halifax-Dartmouth Natal Day parade on Monday, August 7, 2023.  The parade will begin at Novalea Drive in Halifax at 10 a.m. and will conclude at Maple Street in Dartmouth. A maximum of 55 entries will be permitted to participate, so register soon!  halifax.ca

Service Canada Supports Communities

Does someone in your community need help with Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), and more?  Are you or one of your community members a person with a disability or need extra support to get Service Canada benefits and services? Access support online at https://eservices.canada.ca/en/service/  Does someone in your community need a Social Insurance Number or confirmation of their SIN? Access help at  https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/sin.html

Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up
Everywhere | Register today

Residents and groups looking to clean up litter in their communities can access programs supported by HRM Solid Waste Resources. Between the months of April to November, residents of Halifax can register with the Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up (GNSPMU) by visiting their website (https://www.nspickmeup.ca). GNSPMU is coordinated by Divert Nova Scotia and is supported in part by HRM. Upon registration, residents can pick up their free litter cleanup kit, which consists of litter bags and nitrile gloves, at their local Halifax Public Library or at one of the three Customer Service Centers located throughout HRM.

In addition to providing litter kits, HRM also provides three different disposal options for residents participating in the GNSPMU program. These disposal options include:

  1. Placing the materials curbside to be collected on your next garbage collection day if it does not exceed curbside bag limits.
  2. Taking the materials directly to the Otter Lake landfill for disposal. HRM will waive tipping fees for any groups or residents who are registered with the GNSPMU.
  3. Residents can also get the materials picked by HRM road operations. Residents who choose this disposal option must contact 311 two weeks prior to their litter clean-up date to help ensure that the materials are collected.

Residents and groups who are looking to complete litter cleanups during the winter months can contact wasteless@halifax.ca directly to access litter kits and to arrange for pickup from their cleanup event.  If you have any additional questions about litter programs they can contact wasteless@halifax.ca or visit www.halifax.ca/litter.

Housing Clinic
Monday and Thursday Mornings | Halifax Central Library, Spring Garden Road

Welcome Housing hosts Housing Clinics for those experiencing housing precarity every Monday and Thursday in June from 9-12 am, except on June 16

How can we help?

311 – HRM’s Call Centre
HRM’s call centre is open 7 days a week, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to respond to routine inquiries and complaints from HRM residents. Please use this service since it helps HRM keep track of issues that are of concern to residents. More info here: https://www.halifax.ca/home/311

Call my office
Call my office for assistance with your municipal issues. Please try 311 first, and when you call the office have your 311 reference number ready. Vicki Palmeter is my Constituency Coordinator. Vicki can be reached by email at Victoria.palmeter@halifax.ca or by phone at 902-490-2012.

Call or email me
I’m always available to help residents. Email is always better than a phone call, as I am often in meetings and much of the time I cannot answer the phone. If Victoria or 311 cannot assist you, please email me at waye.mason@halifax.ca or call 902.430.7822.