HRM Neighbourhood Map Project

HRM Neighbourhood Map, version 4.0.1 (updated March 14 2020)

NOTE: I started this project in 2009 – what made this project so great in Toronto is that after the neighbourhood names were proposed, the neighbours discussed and bickered over names until every neighbourhood was named, and now they use the names. I do update this map very infrequently but it stopped being an active project around 2011.

Click on the map to zoom, click hold drag to move around. Click on a coloured shape to see the name (or proposed name!) of the neighbourhood.

The map may take a minute to load.  On Internet Explorer on Windows you may need to reload/refresh the page if you don’t see the neighbourhood shapes.

This project is inspired by the community map project at the Toronto Star .

That map proved hugely popular in Toronto and the paper was inundated with comments, e-mails and letters in the form of “congratulations, suggestions, and pleas from overlooked communities for a spot on the map”.

At this point, after several hundred submissions and comments, the map is well filled. If you feel something is in error, please describe the name and boundaries of the neighbourhood as you and your neighbours know them in the comments below. I will periodically update the map, and then re-post the map for comments.

In naming disputes, majority rules and common sense will prevail. If most people are against something and argue that a name is not in common use, we won’t use it.

Read more about the project here

I will blog the updates and debate here.

UPDATE 1 – Read about our technical issues and neighbourhood debates here.

UPDATE 2 – Fixed and working!

MINI UPDATE – Wow Bedford and Spryfield, here.

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