Guest Blog – My contribution to a stormy Twitterverse

(I’ve taken the liberty of copying this blog from Lisa Roberts, former MLA and current candidate for MP, to preserve it for posterity) Dear friends, colleagues, supporters and detractors, in #Halifax and Dartmouth and the Twitterverse – I have found it quite distressing to read my Twitter feed over the past few days. In general, about half of the people I follow are local, chosen because I learn from and respect you. And it`s been hard to see municipal colleagues read more

GUEST BLOG: Now they all want to live here, and she's supposed to go – by Lisa Roberts

“For years, no one wanted to live in this community. buy 25mg viagra Now they all want to live here.” That’s what one older black woman had to say at the end of a community meeting held in Cornwallis Street Baptist Church on Saturday. Cisco 642-432 E20-001 The unstated corollary: And so she’s supposed to go. buy levitra online

GUEST BLOGGER: It is Africville all over again

“It is Africville all over again,” Reverend Rhonda Britton said at City Hall after council voted to approve the sale of St. Patrick’s-Alexandra school, in the heart of Central Halifax, to a developer. That’s a hard thing for residents of Halifax Regional Municipality to hear, judging from letters to the editor and comments on-line at