Thank you!

Just a short and belated note to say many thanks to the voters in Peninsula South Downtown for your support and trust.   It is a great honour to have been chosen to represent the district.  I will fight to renew council, restore trust in government, address transit, tax and business issues, reform community council.  We will fix council, grow sustainably, and spend smarter! I also want to thank my wife and family, my amazing, dedicated and hard working campaign read more

Students & District 7

HRM is home to tens of thousands of university & college students.  Starting this municipal election, students who’ve lived in Nova Scotia for three months or more can vote, even if you went away to work during the summer. The universities and colleges in Halifax are huge economic and social forces, making the city better in ways beyond counting.  Your voice counts and needs to be heard. STUDENTS ARE HALIFAX’S FUTURE Students need to feel that they are recognized as read more

Spend Smarter

Over the last decade the spending decisions of HRM Council have cause many to raise an eyebrow. A lack of vision and a decade of poor leadership has resulted in the many high profile mis-managed projects we’ve seen. Halifax needs to spend smarter on appropriate, affordable projects while maintaining our existing assets and services at a high standard. Spending smarter means identifying community objectives and developing affordable projects that meet the community’s needs. Halifax should live within our means. Some read more

Grow Sustainably

Since amalgamation a lot of our energy and city budget has been used to plan and subsidize unsustainable suburban sprawl. The costs of sprawl are driving up taxes and consuming resources further reducing our ability to provide basic services like transit. Halifax’s downtown is one of the largest contributors to HRM revenues, representing 18% of the property taxes raised by the municipality, yet the majority of spending by the municipality is concentrated outside of peninsular Halifax. The HRM needs to read more

Fix Council

One of the biggest criticisms I hear about the Halifax Regional Municipality is that we must have better government. Every person I meet brings up this issue and it means a lot to people that their government is transparent, actively encourages their participation and follows its own rules. It’s time to elect people who will have better ideas for Halifax. Some of the steps that should be taken to fix government include: Establish a Municipal Ombudsperson’s Office that reports directly read more