Endorsements 2020

Home | Empower | Green | Connect | Report Card | Endorse | Launch Waye has earned the respect and support of District 7 residents by listening, responding quickly, and being transparent and accountable.  These are stories about helping them and their families, or about us working together to help the community and make District 7 and HRM a better place. I thank each of them for their kind words and support! Richard & Grace Beasley   Elizabeth Wozniak Ward read more

Endorsement – Gerry Walsh

Gerry Walsh and I knew each other and had worked together before we ran against each other in the 2012 election, and I am grateful he has become a sounding board and advisor in the years since.  I thank him for his continued and public support. What I like about Waye Mason is that he is forward-thinking and intelligent. He researches complex issues and comes to Council meetings well informed. He has integrity and keeps his promises. He consults with citizens and is responsive to their concerns. He possesses read more

Endorsement – Grace Robinson-Crawley

Grace called me out of the blue one day for a meeting and came down to City Hall to talk about how we could all help street involved folks and not turn our backs on these vulnerable citizens. She is a powerful leader who is dedicated to making change happen, despite not yet being able to legally drive a car!  I am so grateful for her endorsement. I am so happy that Waye Mason is running for councillor again! I read more

Endorsement – Elizabeth Wozniak

Elizabeth Wozniak is a longtime friend who along with Tricia her co-chair the rest of the greenspace committee spent so much time and energy on the park and playground around the new Ecole Le Marchant St Thomas School. I am always touched she finds time to support me in running for Councillor! Between 2016-2020 Waye was instrumental in helping our committee with the process to plan, fundraise and get approvals to enhance the playground and outdoor space at the new read more

Endorsement – Ward Skinner

I met Ward when he was on the board of Spencer House Senior Centre, and it has been great to see our new all ages and abilities bike facilities giving the Skinners new options for getting around our community. My wife and I are both over 70 years old.  We bike around town for both our errands and exercise.  We often bike on South Park as we live in the area.  The new bike lane, with a barrier from the read more

Endorsement – Mark Stradiotto

Mark and I met one morning at a meeting called by the Principal of Inglis School to discuss how to make the gravel-filled playground at Gorsebrook wheelchair accessible. I am so happy HRM was able to make changes to ensure everyone, including Mark’s daughter Julia, are able to enjoy the playground. Waye was instrumental in bringing about key improvements to the Gorsebrook playground and the Inglis Street Elementary School yard, including wheelchair accessibility for my daughter and other special-needs children. read more

Endorsement – Chris Annand

Chris and I met when we were fighting to stop the inappropriately large upzoning on Wellington Street. While we did not succeed that particular time, I’m so grateful we’ve been able to keep working to bring common sense to Halifax’ planning policy. Through my work with Park to Park Community Association and as a resident of District 7 I have always found Waye to be accessible and willing to listen. Be it dealing with the larger issues around development and read more

Endorsement – Brady Mueller

I met Brady when she was still running her smaller take out coffee place, Ciboulette, next door to her current location. Owning a small business is always hard and I am glad I’ve been able to help her and be a sounding board these last five years. When I first endorsed Waye in 2016, I had just gone through a tumultuous time with my small business on Barrington Street.  I was faced with problems where I thought the government could read more

Endorsement – Stephen Maly

Stephen and I bonded over some internet arguing with some extremist on twitter some years ago.  It is an honour to eat his sandwiches and to have his support. I’m happy to endorse Waye Mason as our Halifax councillor. Waye has shown himself to be a progressive voice throughout the municipality and worked to move our city forward, while at the same time responding quickly to specific and local affairs.  His focus on working with colleagues to revitalize the core read more

Endorsement – Tricia Barry

Tricia was a co-chair of the hard working and sometimes labor intensive LMST Greenspace Committee, where she worked hard to help create a truly wonderful playground at the new school.  I am touched she endorsed me. Between 2016-2020, Waye was instrumental in helping our volunteer committee with the process to plan, fundraise and get approvals to enhance the playground and outdoor space at the new LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary School. He was a great listener to the needs of the school read more