Waye Mason For District 7

Well, no blog posts for a while!  Why you ask?  Because this happened today: Today I launch my campaign to become the councillor for the new District 7 Peninsula South Downtown. In just over eight months, on October 20th 2012, the citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality will have a chance to vote for change. As the councillor for District 7, I will provide the leadership, commitment, and vision that our community needs. Thank you for your support! https://www.wayemason.ca/ One reader read more

Promoter: Secret deals need full investigation | Herald

Interview in the Herald: I think there (are) a lot more questions than answers at this point and I would hope that in addition to the auditor general of HRM being involved, that the provincial auditor general would go into Trade Centre Ltd., which is arm’s-length from the city. HRM’s audit and finance committee report says it can’t get the detailed information out of Trade Centre because it’s a provincial Crown corporation. The city can’t get that, but the (provincial) read more

A short note on my slow posting ways!

I got into the SMU part time MBA!  Yay me! However, my non-work non-school time has shrunk to a very small part of my life. I will try and post every couple of weeks.  Try is the operative word.  Midterms (at work and at school) are happening in two weeks, so we shall see. Thanks for your patience!

A look back at 2010

What can I say, 2010 was a good year for me and for my little corner of the web here on Halifax Politics dot ca. The biggest thing for me this year was the end of my ten year reign as the El Supremo and visionary of the Halifax Pop Explosion. I went to the Halifax Pop Explosion board in 2009 and said “folks, this is my last year” and we put an 18 month plan in place to get read more

Five Years of Thoughtful Commentary Spreading Sanity and/or Fear.

October through November is pretty busy for me.  School starts September, but grading, meeting students, and then getting students in the field for Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion and capping it with Nova Scotia Music Week consume a lot of time. I have a number of half written blogs to blog on my blog but until end of this week I will be submerged in marking, so we shall see what gets out and up on line!

My Morning Commute (or, why Halifax is awesome).

My commute to work – ferry, 7:22 AM, just before dawn, heading from Halifax to Woodside. PS – Marnie has a Palm that records in HD, I have a Samsung Vice that records in lofi. 🙂


I would love to write a couple of long analysis pieces about the WTCC2 debate but my doctor told me not to use my right hand as I have mild cubital tunnel syndrome, a nerve pinch repetitive stress injury thing.  Monday I can type two handed again.  Sorry for the delay!

Travel wish list

Starting to make plans for the next 10 years of our lives: Marnie: New York Japan/Tokyo Banff (camping/Rockies) Gaspé California Rhett: Russia Brazil – beaches London, England Vancouver/Whistler “Europe” Emma: London, England Paris Hong Kong or Beijing New York Beaches, anywhere Waye: Norfolk/Va Beach/Charleston New Orleans to Sugarland Berlin Russia New York So top hits: 1. New York & London tied for 1st place 2. Russia, Berlin and Paris tied for 2nd (if “Europe” can apply to Berlin and Paris)

More ferry tails.

Today I would say the Halifax III on the way to Woodside was rocking back and forth, port to starboard, from level to 10% up on the starboard side. Rock rock. Rock rock. Rockrock.


Look up, way up, and you will see a new link in the menu bar. A forum has been added to the site, so that the people emailing and posting can debate the Halifax Neighbourhood Map Project online here. Neighbourhood debates can now take place in the forums!