Waye Mason Turns 40! A Fundraiser for the Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank

Waye Mason Turns 40! A Fundraiser for the Parker Street Food & Furniture BankFeaturing seven short sets in a relentless deluge of some of the best music Halifax has to offer:Three Sheet 1:30 We’re Doomed 1:00 The Extremities 12:30 Alright Already 12:00 Old Blood 11:30 This Ship 11:00 Sacrificing Sound 10:30I’m turning 40, and I couldn’t be happier. My friends in these bands have agreed to play this show to celebrate my birthday, and to raise money for the good read more

What Should Happen Now?

Well, tomorrow council is meeting, behind closed doors, to discuss what the heck they are going to do now with the concert scandal report. What should happen is a process that is clean and transparent, free of concerns of impropriety and manipulation. The first thing council needs to do is move back into the public eye.  Not after a lengthy debate, and regardless of what the over cautious lawyers in HRM’s employ might say.  Peter Kelly is not a staffer read more

On Ticketing, Loans, and Economic Impact

Well, looks like a federal election is going to swamp the media for the next 45 days.  This means that the Halifax concert scandal will slide off the front page for the next while.  Before I go back to blogging about things I want to see in Halifax, as opposed to what I DO NOT want to see, I want to wrap up with a resource piece about how concerts work from a money perspective. I know Councilors and staff read more

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Trailer 2

Notwithstanding Tara T’s deep misgivings about Micheal Cera, this movie is going to be awesome.

More on the Paul McCartney scandal.

I just posted this follow up on a local message board. Again this is not mainstream vs indie, or Beatles vs Arcade Fire, or whatever. The issue is this: Lets say I accept the Economic Impact argument. Lets say I accept that Paul Macca brought $8 million to Halifax. I have a document using generally accepted practices that says that HPX bring $2 million to Halifax. Using that logic, saying yes, this is the investment required to make these events read more