RIP Kate McGarrigle

Kate and Anna played HPX in 2005 or 06. It was the day after the CBC strike had ended, and it was really hard to get the word out to the Kate and Anna audience without CBC. I had been told by other, older promoters that Kate and Anna were really hard to work with, with one memorable show in particular where they were they refused to go on stage at the Cohn for hours like princesses. So here we read more

Thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon

My friends Craig and Liz are in Brazil for three weeks. He is blogging the thing, and he calls the place, Florinopolis, “laid back”. This got me thinking about the RiP A Remix Manifesto movie that we watched in class and played at HPX this year.  You get the feeling that people around the world are just laid back about stuff, like following copyright laws, or stopping mashups, or creating a western based IP ownership regime. In the move the read more

My views on ECMA

Over the last 24 hours, between posts on a local message board, some emails that have resulted from that, and Scott Long’s interviews on CBC Mainstreet Sydney and Halifax, friends and colleagues in the music industry have exchanged a lot of words about the ECMA. While I am a Board member of Music NS these views are mine alone.  I feel comfortable sharing these views because I think this is a dialog that needs to be happening, not just between read more

The Music Is So Damn Beautiful

I gave this speech at the Lockeport Fire Hall this past summer, on Saturday, July 25 2009 to be precise. I called it “The Music Is So Damn Beautiful.” I think it went okay, I wish I had had time to practice it more, but I had a couple people moved to tears at the end, so what else can you ask for? Good evening, it is truly an honour to be here. People always say that don’t they? “It read more

Song of the day – Lights, covered by the Jayhawks.

Lights, by Victoria Williams Lights of the city look so good Almost like somebody thought they would Thought they would What kinda song would you give If you had a song to give? What kinda life would you live If you had a life to live? Now, wouldn’t you wanna make something good That you could look on Give you lots of pleasure? Yeah, you would What about this thing that you gave What if it weren’t quite perfect What read more