OccupyNS Eviction Coverage and Opinion – A Summary

Some reading for those that wish to know more: Start with Bethany Horne’s excellent summary of issues around the camp. Read Parker Donham’s summary of a Senseless and Unnecessary Use of Power.  Surf his site for more feedback. Read and listen to Tim Bousquet’s of the Coast’s interview with Mayor Peter Kelly, and then read Dan Arsenault from the Herald’s interview.  Both show the power and frustration of politico’s slavishly sticking to the talking points. Finally, we go back to Parker’s site to read read more

What Should Happen Now?

Well, tomorrow council is meeting, behind closed doors, to discuss what the heck they are going to do now with the concert scandal report. What should happen is a process that is clean and transparent, free of concerns of impropriety and manipulation. The first thing council needs to do is move back into the public eye.  Not after a lengthy debate, and regardless of what the over cautious lawyers in HRM’s employ might say.  Peter Kelly is not a staffer read more

The Knights Who Say Nay

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics – Don Mills on the radio again

Don Mills kills me. Don is a pollster, so you would think that he would live by facts and figures. Two days ago he was speaking on CBC Mainstreet (Halifax edition) and his thesis was that Halifax lagged far behind every other city of size in Canada in growth in the 2000s because we didn’t approve new buildings fast enough. His primary example was what we like to call Twisty Towers or Twisted Sisters, the United Gulf development proposed for read more

Ferry tails part 2

Short note today. So yesterday I tempted fate. Talking about how transit worked for me has resulted in my daughter being sick today. This means I have made the early ferry (8:52) because I dumped Emma at my moms first thing and ran to the bus, 15 mins earlier than usual. The kick is I have to re-arrange my classes and run back to Halifax at 1:30 so Mom can get to a Doctors appointment, so my first $25.00 cab read more

Thoughts on a lazy Sunday afternoon

My friends Craig and Liz are in Brazil for three weeks. He is blogging the thing, and he calls the place, Florinopolis, “laid back”. This got me thinking about the RiP A Remix Manifesto movie that we watched in class and played at HPX this year.  You get the feeling that people around the world are just laid back about stuff, like following copyright laws, or stopping mashups, or creating a western based IP ownership regime. In the move the read more

On traffic widening, again!

I often wonder at the seeming red/blue, up/down, black/white nature of Halifax politcs. If you stuck to the stereotypes, on the one hand you have the bike riding, tree hugging, anti-progress sushi eating hippies, mostly in urban areas, who hate cars, suburbs, and buildings less than 75 years old. On the other, you have the SUV and truck driving suburban burger eating wannabe rednecks who think city hall should be moved to Lower Sackville, that six lane highways to and read more

boycott made in china : why boycott?

boycott made in china : why boycott? The prevailing argument that market forces and international trade would transform China into a democracy has by now been completely discredited. The only remaining way for concerned people to exert some positive influence on China seems to be through the power of the individual consumer. In short, a boycott of Made in China products.

China & Tibet News

Chinese Media: ‘Crush’ Tibet Protests China shows its brutal side on Tibet Ottawa Tibetans pray for those caught in crossfire China cracks down on Olympic TVWhat human rights abuse ? Dell to spend $52 Billion in China Toronto mayor insists on China junket Beijing braces for worldwide demonstrations Olympic boycott chatter grows as Tibet unravels Carrying a torch for TibetChina shows photos of Tibetan protesters Tibet supporters march in northern India Tibet’s struggle is ours as well.    

It is time to act! | Citadelschools.ca

Reprinted from Citadelschools.ca  There are serious problems with the current Imagine Our Schools Process. Why we think so is summarized here. We are encouraging everyone, parents and citizens, to write the Imagine Our Schools people about their concerns, but that they should also :CC Howard Windsor (HRSB Administrator), the area MLAs, the area HRM Councilors, and the Minister of Education. Emails provided below. We may be able to have the process reformed, changed, or at least the final decision altered read more