More Updates

My project in December was to move away from HTML tables and really understand DIV and CLASS, and move toward all CSS styling. That is moving along well, though I need to purchase a really good beginner reference book (O’Reilly would be my guess.) This project mutated into trying to install all the key WordPress plugins and impliment them. Last night I installed “Related Posts” and “Subscribe to Comments” which are supposed to greatly increase return visits and “stickiness” of read more


Ironically, I hit post on a big fancy update about my expanded, re-coloured, word press plugined website, and I crashed it.  Had to repair the mySQL database before it would run again. Expect frequent updates tonight while I slowly, one by one, turn the plug ins back on and figure out what is crashing the site.  My money is on Gravatars!

Site Design Updated

I love the layout, I think I might change the colour scheme, but overall, pretty happy with the new Waye Mason website.  I am not sure that anyone will know it is updated as I changed it so the index.php file appears in the root directory not the wbm directory… what that means in English is all the outside links are likely broken. Please stand by while I finish updating the site, and maybe soon I will return to updating read more

Canada's income advance tops U.S. |

OTTAWA–Income per capita grew significantly faster in Canada than it did in the United States between 2000 and 2006. Statistics Canada reported that real income per capita in the United States rose 9.1 per cent, while in Canada real income per capita grew 15.5 per cent, nearly two-thirds faster. The agency said that’s just the opposite of the situation prior to the turn of the millennium, when commodity prices were weak and the Canadian dollar was depreciating. The study showed read more


I will be back in two weeks with new op/eds and posts and stuff. Have a good Canada Day weekend and all that!