I think I am either going to tweak or redesign my website. I like it but I don’t love it. I may break it into two totally different sections, personal interested and business. The big thing is I think I will use the new Dell laptop that I have for demoing the Ticketpro software, so that it will work and look good on a Windows box, instead of being totally broken like it has in the past. I don’t know read more

Early Bar Closure???

The bar owners don’t want a police state, and don’t want early closing hours. Fair enough. But its a lot more complicated, as I am sure you know. Every year, people from Toronto and parts west come to the Halifax Pop Explosion and are shocked by the late closings in Halifax. They are also shocked by how late people come out to drink. In Toronto bars are closed at 2am and people are at shows watching bands or dancing in read more

How the other half thinks…

Select quotes from rightwingers in the US, just cause I think its funny and interesting to watch them squirm. NOTE: I am in no way endorsing any of these views… obviously. Pat Toomey: This election wasn’t a repudiation of conservatism, it was a repudiation of Republicans. We did a Sunday night poll in the seats we thought were most likely to switch. They didn’t believe the GOP was the party of limited government and fiscal discipline. When we asked which read more

Email to CBC Information Morning

RE: Interview with Lynn MacGregor, District 9, HRSB The amalgamation of the south end school is just the start of HRSBs plan. The plan would see four large, 750 student Elementary schools on the peninsula. This is almost double the ideal size from the Provinces own guidelines, of 350-450 students for a P-6 school. There can be no doubt that HRSB’s planners are incompetent or politically motivated, when again and again schools are closed by the School Board as “beyond read more

Small Update

Another shorter update. Bernie Smith from the Spring Garden Merchants Association called to say that one of the ways that they sold the Stone’s concert was increased business for downtown. The end result of the Stones concert – markedly decreased business on Spring Garden Road, the exact opposite of what was expected, hoped, and promised.

Waye VS the Feds

The Canada Council said no to the Pop Explosion as of last week. This is unsurprising. We have applied to CC, FACTOR for the conference, and Traderoutes for the Boston mission. I think CC was least likely, Traderoutes 50/50, and FACTOR a probable, though FACTOR did deny us last year. CC funds art. Artists have the reputation and appearance of being a bunch of space cadets about things like business plans and money, but what is shocking is CC wants read more

Hello Readers

Maybe I should update this more often. In addition to Boost Ventilator, I know Ron Foley and, get this, the good people at the World Trade and Convention Centre (you know them from the Rolling Stones concert in Halifax) are reading this blog. Shout out to all you all.

Public Schools Perform Near Private Ones in Study – New York Times

Adequately funded public schools perform as well as private schools. I wonder how Nova Scotia’s least funded in North America public school system would stack up? Public Schools Perform Near Private Ones in Study – New York Times

Gather no moss! Bahahaha!

The same guy called back and said that the Stones are now coming, just no one in Halifax knows it yet.

Hi Dad

My Dad could not get on to this site today because the double meta referred in the index page sent some people to the HPX website, and some to my website. Dad is now a very proficient Mac geek. When he retired from the Navy it was back when officers dictated emails to secretaries that then typed it in for them, and then brought hard copies of replies for the desktop inbox. Now he catches html programming errors. It has read more