People Read This Website

I got a cold call from a guy in Indiana who wants to invest in entertainment properties in Halifax. He was googling Halifax and my article on the Vogue came up. I also know from this site’s stats that people searching Halifax, Culture, Nova Scotia Arts Council, Vogue Theatre, and Jack Bonaparte have all found this site, which is averaging an amazing 350 unique visitors a month. Amazing given the total lack of time I have to maintain it. Hello read more

More Halifax Stones Madness

Recent response to a good and reasonable friend who happens to work at the Trade Centre Limited/Metro Centre regarding his question “really, don’t you want to see the stones play your hometown?” I am for any band playing here under normal conditions…. however 1 – It’s so f**ing lame to imitate Moncton. Halifax has everything going for it. We need to try and focus on being as good as Winnipeg and Edmonton and Quebec City and Hamilton, not worry about read more

In Lieu of Content

Juno weekend emptied me of energy, and now grant and sponsor applications has emptied me of wit and word. It especially sucks to set a personal goal of writing once week knowing no one reads it, its just for me, and then fail to actually meet the goal. On the other hand, most of what is keeping me from this is putting money in my pocket. So, in lieu of content: Waye Mason — [adjective]: Pretentiously academian ‘How will you read more

HRM gives cultural plan a green light

The Though the cost to the city is unknown, council Tuesday night approved a 10-year cultural plan for Halifax Regional Municipality. The plan, to be evaluated in 2008, met with little resistance. Only Coun. Harry McInroy (Cole Harbour) voted against it, saying metro has more important things on which to spend taxpayers’ dollars.


My posts are too long and ramble. I must practice writing in a concise and interesting fashion. I am currently 2 weeks away from under-employment until mid-June. Expect rapid updates and expansion of the Pop Explosion, Vogue Theatre and maybe a province wide culture sector council, depending how bored I get. You never know how I may fill my time.

Good Faith

I participate from time to time in Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia. This minor addiction started when I searching for articles on Nova Scotia music and culture, and found a horrible and misguiding article about Music of Nova Scotia on the wiki. I promptly re-wrote it and was hooked. Wikipedia operates because of the assumption of good faith: “Assuming good faith is about intentions, not actions. Well-meaning people make mistakes, and you should correct them when they do. You should read more

PEI ho!

Gentle readers… I will be in Charlottetown from 1pm Friday to 5pm Sunday, staying at the beautiful Holiday Inn. In addition to the odd ECMA official event, I will be moderating the independent music panel at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, and will be hosting a Meet and Greet at the Arts Guild at 2:30 on Saturday. The Centre for Arts and Technology is supporting both ECMA all ages program and the No Cases. For more info on the nocases, which read more

Newfoundland decides to play hardball.

NEWFOUNDLAND is talking tough with the oil companies that want to develop the province’s offshore oil and gas potential, and that is raising the eyebrows of some in Nova Scotia who are wondering if it is having an impact on how the province is viewed by the energy sector. The

Oh my aching head.

Until today I thought I was going crazy, or blind, or had mad cow disease. 4-5 weeks ago I started having both physical and mental focus issues. Every time I sat at my desk I would loose focus in terms of concentration after 15-20 minutes of work. I thought it was psychological, because I was more productive with the laptop in a coffee shop than at my desk. And my eyes could not focus. I thought my monitor was going. read more

Muhammad Cartoons

I think one of twelve was not funny and one of twelve was racist, but I only think that because I saw them and read them. Jyllands-Posten_Muhammad_cartoons_controversy I have worked a tiny bit on this article on Wikipedia, editing it for NPOV. It is an amazing and relatively well written, neutral article, or at least, it was when last I read it. It may be completely different now, such is the nature of Wiki. I don’t think they should be read more