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In Health Care, Cost Isn’t Proof of High Quality – New York Times

…In a Pennsylvania government survey of the state’s 60 hospitals that perform heart bypass surgery, the best-paid hospital received nearly $100,000, on average, for the operation while the least-paid got less than $20,000. At both, patients had comparable lengths of stay and death rates. And among the 20 hospitals serving metropolitan Philadelphia, two of the highest paid actually had higher-than-expected death rates, the survey found. Hospitals say there are numerous reasons for some of the high payments, including the fact read more

Nova Scotia Senators Email

If you want to email support for delaying the budget to the Senate (for the admittedly minor good it will do): Con Comeau, Gerald J. Lib Cordy, Jane Lib Cowan, James Lib Mercer, Terry M. Lib Moore, Wilfred P. Con Oliver, Donald H. Lib Phalen, Gerald – News – Truth finally catches up to Harper

Jun 12, 2007 04:30 James Travers OTTAWA A Prime Minister who found early success in dominating centre stage is now struggling for space with an expanding cast of dissidents. First there was Danny Williams and Lorne Calvert, now there’s Rodney MacDonald as well as Bill Casey and the rock stars Bono and Bob Geldof. Connecting that eclectic assembly is a marvellous phrase indebted to Shakespeare and the descriptive French language. To be hoist with one’s own petard is to be read more

God Damn the "New Government of Canada"

Here comes the new boss… same as the old boss. From: Waye Mason [] Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 1:26 PM To: Stephanie Domet; Phlis McGregor; Stewart Young; Carmine Klassen; Steven Cooke; Dean Lisk; Stephen Claire; Tara Thorn;; Dawn Marie Sloane; Peter Kelly; Leonard Preyra; Maureen MacDonald;;;; Steve Maher Cc: Subject: Summer Student Program Importance: High Hi there folks. Please forward this email to whomever should be aware of our small part in this ridiculous read more