We bought a couch.

Marnie and I bought this couch today, except in charcoal grey with red pillows.

Me and social services… part II

Lets see, I have through various media called out the Premier, DOE, HRM, HRSB, and and DTCH in the last while. Now lets at Department of Community Services (DCS) to the list… Following this email, posted here , that was sent to the Minister of DCS back in March…. I got this today: On Apr 19, 2007, at 10:27 AM, Janet Rathbun wrote: Dear Mr. Mason: Thank you for your e-mail of March 31, 2007, to the Honourable Judy Streatch, read more

Label leads way with DRM-free music | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology

EMI’s move to release its catalogue without music protection has been welcomed, but critics claim Apple still has a lock-in Bobbie Johnson Thursday April 5, 2007 The Guardian The wired world, so they say, moves faster than meatspace. In that case, one month, three weeks and five days might seem like an awfully long time to the digerati. But that’s how long it took between Steve Jobs publishing his Thoughts on Music – an open essay telling the recording industry read more

So, me, Terry and Nora were chatting and…

Tonight at 10, with your host, Nora Young, listen to yours truly and Nettwerk guru Terry McBride analyze the future of music as signified by Sam’s Halifax closing. Listen to me namecheck Al Tuck, Jesse Dangerously, last.fm, Halifaxlocals.com and many more on national radio. http://www.cbc.ca/artstonight/


Nerd = me… I now have facebook in my life… Facebook is way better than myspace. The design is clean, the relationships between people networks and stuff are way clearer. The best thing though is that the thing sucks in posts from other sites, like this one, via RSS, letting people look at your facebook profile know when you update your blog, or whatever…