Website updated and settled.

Okay, this thing is finally working the way I want it too. I highly recommend upgrading to WordPress 2, the new edit interface is amazing, it previews right on the edit page, and is generally smoother in terms of the overall experience. The blog/website thing is all updated and I finally worked around to the point that the top page when you type in is not a more business like front page. I still want to work on that, read more

Web Page to Change, again!

I am going to be revising this page tonight and tomorrow. is getting its own webhosting. My new consulting page will be the top page you hit, and all the fancy nerd stuff (RSS, links, images) will no longer be on any pages but this news page. This will allow me to start using this page for more formal things. But I still intend to post things here. Anyone who thinks their journal is private and seperate from business read more

Prolific Posting Prohibited by Illness

I have a medium serious head cold. Swelling, sore, liquid filled sinus action. I have big plans to write long scathing critiques about the provinces cultural investment problems, and also the lack of maintainance money for existing buildings, but I can barely bring myself do any work above clicking between daytime television shows. Maybe later. In other news, if you are a nerd on wikipedia, check out the Nova Scotia project. It is just starting up, and promises to be read more

In todays news…. firefox 1.5.

Bah. On a Mac, it is fast. But it is still not Acid Test 2.0 compliant. Not that I know if that is relevant, as maybe the guys who wrote the Acid Test work for Apple. Check your browser here: Acid Test

This week, on this old website.

I cannot believe I found this in archive. My original website, hosted on Chebucto Freenet, from late summer/early fall 1996. This baby is 10 years old. I take pride in the fact that my website, while HTML 2.0, was simple and clean… rather than the multi-hued, colour riot that was so common back then. AA551

Urban Planning in HRM?

The Halifax city hall is seeking an urban design consultant for a planned 18-month, $200,000 study intended to help municipal officials shape the look of metro’s urban core in the future. HRM is actually planning streetscapes? Development rules? Who are you, and what have you done with my city? On second thought, never mind!

Fixed it

A #99 had changed into a (( in the style.css file. And this meant nothin’ in Safari, my browser of choice, and meant it was totally broken in Firefox. But now that is fixed. UNFORTUNATELY, Feedlist does not work with non XHTML 4.0 compliant browsers, so EI 5.1 for Mac breaks on my website. I have edited the obscure “Handler could not be removed” error, to the user friendly (or snobby net arseholish) “In order to enjoy this site you read more

Broke It

that will learn me. I broke the wordpress theme. It now thinks there is no template for the theme. I expect I know what I am doing for the next few hours…. fah! EDIT – 12:40 fixed it… updated it… walking away from it for the rest of the day!

Welcome To Planet Sony

Welcome To Planet Sony | DoxPara Research Sony has a rootkit. The rootkit phones home. Phoning home requires a DNS query. Over 568,000 DNS servers have been queried. See the map of Planet Sony.

Things to do today….

I am pretty much bored. I have about 1 hour of work to do before the end of the week. I am thinking about driving to Ship Harbour today to look at a house/cottage/country home/money pit I want to buy. 2 hours down if I do. Maybe tomorrow I will reward myself with a trip. The blog looks good, at least on a Mac. I need to go see it on a PC. Next phase, make it 3 columns, with read more