Housing Update #5

Pictured – New Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre Shelter on College Under Construction

What’s Happened Since the Last Update

Modular update – With 24 of the 26 rooms at the Dartmouth site now completed, HRM has shifted focus to completing the Halifax modular unit site. This site will be able to …

Housing Update #4

What’s Happened Since The Last Update

Modular Unit Update – Preparatory work continues at the Dartmouth site to build structural cribbing (foundation) for the modular units. Service trenches for water, sewer, and power are being dug. Four modular units are expected to arrive in the coming days and will …

Housing Update #3

What’s Happened Since The Last Update

The Official Press release – Today, Mayor Mike Savage, and Assistant Chief of Emergency Management, Erica Fleck provided an update regarding ongoing efforts to help address homelessness in the Halifax region. Full video of this update: https://youtu.be/wkxYAvVqyiw

The municipality continues to collaborate with the …

Housing Update #2

It’s been almost three weeks since my last Housing Update, so I wanted to let folks know about the work that is currently underway and recap the last few weeks of activity.

What’s happened since

At the last Council meeting on August 31 the motions I wrote about for …

Housing Update #1

To say that the last two weeks have not gone as I imagined would be a huge understatement. 

In case you missed it, I made the following statement after the events of a week ago Wednesday:

Statement on Housing Crisis and Police Response to the Removal of Shelters

What took