Crisis Housing Motion – Mayor Savage

That Halifax Regional Council Waive the Rules of Order to suspend the notice provisions associated with motions and: To Direct the CAO to implement a range of emergency supportive housing and emergency shelter accommodations for those who are unhoused in collaboration with and based on feedback from community-based social services providers and the Province of Nova Scotia to address immediate and emergent needs including measures such as the fit-up of spaces for temporary accommodations, renting of hotel and other spaces read more

Statement on Housing Crisis and Police Response to the Removal of Shelters

What took place this week in Halifax has made it more clear than ever that we have an urgent housing problem to solve.  What happened this week made me sick to my stomach. The lack of homes for vulnerable residents is the result of years of neglect from previous Provincial governments. For the last nine years, I’ve been working on this and lobbying the Province to do more. I continue to believe that the municipality should take back housing from read more

Provincial leaders responses to Affordable Housing letter

Hello all, came back briefly from my break from work to share these answers I received to my letter to the leaders after the first leader’s debate. The Liberal, PC Party, and New Democratic Party letters are here for you to read, but the breakdown is the Liberal and PC answers say “we will follow the Affordable Housing Commission report.” The Liberal and PC responses are hugely disappointing and do not answer the current crisis. The report is great, don’t get me wrong, but it does read more

Election and housing, Halifax Common pool, Downtown Halifax Heritage conservation district, more.

In This Issue My Council Update is the election and housing, Halifax Common pool, Downtown Halifax Heritage conservation district, and vacation. Public Meetings and Hearing has the remaining meetings for the summer.  Roadworks has two updates.  Community Events is starting to fill up! This issue ends with info on how to reach out and get help on municipal issues. Councillor Update Ah, the provincial election! Last week I watched the Provincial election leader’s debate and it was great they talked about housing, but that format doesn’t really allow read more

Questions for Leaders regarding Affordable Housing in Halifax

VIA EMAIL Gary Burrill, Leader New Democratic Party NS 603-5151 George St Halifax, NS B3J 1M5 Iain Rankin, Leader Liberal Party NS 1400-5151 George St Halifax, NS B3J 1M5 Tim Houston, Leader Progressive Conservative Party NS 1003-1660 Hollis St Halifax, NS B3J 1V7 July 29, 2021 RE: Questions for Leaders regarding Affordable Housing in Halifax Gentlemen, I watched the debate last night with great interest and was pleased that housing was a major point of discussion. I am writing today read more