Correspondence from Councillor Mason to Minister Lohr Regarding Housing

I wanted to share this letter with you that I sent to Minister Lohr last week regarding his appearance and subsequent discussion at Halifax Regional Council.

It is important residents know about efforts being made to respond to the affordable housing crisis while respecting the community and environmental importance of …

Capital grants, Spring Garden planters, renaming Cornwallis Street, Housing Update #7, Coronavirus Update #51, more

In this issue

My Council Update includes info on capital grants, Spring Garden planters, renaming Cornwallis Street, the temporary playground at the Common, mobile ticketing app for transit, and saving the historic Elmwood on Barrington.  This is followed by Housing Update #7 and Coronavirus Update #51.

Public Meetings and Hearings

Housing Update #6

This will be my last stand-alone housing update.  I’m going to include a housing update section in my District Update newsletter, which I produce every couple of weeks.  If you wish to continue to receive updates, and I hope you do, please subscribe here:

What’s Happened Since the

Housing Update #5

Pictured – New Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre Shelter on College Under Construction

What’s Happened Since the Last Update

Modular update – With 24 of the 26 rooms at the Dartmouth site now completed, HRM has shifted focus to completing the Halifax modular unit site. This site will be able to …

Housing Update #4

What’s Happened Since The Last Update

Modular Unit Update – Preparatory work continues at the Dartmouth site to build structural cribbing (foundation) for the modular units. Service trenches for water, sewer, and power are being dug. Four modular units are expected to arrive in the coming days and will …