Crisis shelters, Cogswell, COVID Recovery tracker & Coronavirus Update #41

Hello all, a couple of quick notes today, With heavy snow and rain expected tomorrow (Feb. 2), Halifax Water has asked residents to help the stormwater in your area make its way into one of the 24,000 catchbasins throughout HRM by safely clearing snow, ice, and debris from a catchbasin near you. Find your nearest catchbasins here:  Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the ‘crisis shelters’ that have started to appear in parks around the municipality, including this story on read more

Budget, Community News, Meetings, Coronavirus Update #40

Hello and welcome to 2021.  Like you I have hopes for a better year than 2020, and despite the mess and horror south of our national border I still do. New Zealand, who has been one of the world leaders in strong controls and quick response to Coronavirus has no cases and has seen a remarkable and quick economic recovery.  New Zealand jobs market bounces back close to pre-pandemic levels – Country’s biggest job advertising website reports 19% growth in jobs, read more

Public meetings, community events, holiday hours and Coronavirus Update #39

Long newsletter as this is the last one before the new year.  A lot of info about public meetings, COVID updates, community events, and the like follows. It’s been very busy here at the home office, and I’ve had trouble making the time to get this newsletter out, so I would like to thank Councillor Smith for putting his out Friday so I could borrow much of it today! 2020 has been a heck of a year, but I have read more

Coronavirus Update 38 – the second wave hits our shores

This update was posted in the afternoon of November 24, 2020. The situation is rapidly changing. Please check the Canada, Nova Scotia and Halifax websites for the most up to date information. You can also check out my recently updated COVID-19 resources, with information on current Government Response, Individuals & Families, Business as well as Links to Resources including key social media to follow. Coronavirus Update 38 – the second wave hits our shores. Hi all, As you are probably aware that today the government of Nova Scotia announced new measures to help read more

Remembrance Day, Centre Plan consultation, Rapid Housing initiative & more

Hello all, I wanted to let you know about Remembrance Day tomorrow in District 7. The event at the Cenotaph in Grand Parade has been reduced to 50 people. The public is asked to stay home. The event at Sailors Memorial, which I normally attend, is canceled. I do not have an update on the Province House, RA Park or Camp Hill memorials, but as I said in my last newsletter the Legion has recommended that memorials be canceled or limited read more

Election, Morris Street, Parking, new council, more

It is a great honour to have been re-elected as your Councillor for District 7.  I am really excited to get to work with Councillors both old and new! I know this is old news now, but think how far we have come in eight short years. Turnout in this election was up to 40%. Council now has gender parity, two African Nova Scotian members, and five members who defeated incumbents (me, Shawn, Lisa, Iona, and Cathy). This last point read more

Viola Desmond Signs, Sup Funding Report, Election Reminder, more

Hi folks, hope you are enjoying this blustery fall day! This will be my last newsletter for this term. Hard to believe how time has flown by! I have enjoyed representing you and District 7 these last eight years, and it has been an honour and a privilege to serve you. If you have not already, please take a moment and vote, information on how to register and vote follows this section.  The first in-person voting opportunity is tomorrow at Citadel High read more

Thank you, residential rental rule changes proposed, short term rental regulations proposed, Centre Plan, voting info, more

I’d like to thank everyone for taking precautions this week when it looked like Teddy was going to wallop Nova Scotia. I’m the son of a sailor and grew up next to the ocean, so I know the forecasts are just that, and the ocean and these storms can be highly unpredictable.  We were lucky this time, like we were with Hortense, but we’ve also been unlucky, like with Juan and Dorian. It is always better in my opinion to err read more

Muffler noise, hurricanes, upcoming meetings & Coronavirus Update 37 the back to school edition

Hello all, Summer is behind us, back to school is behind us, and fall is here! A couple of issues I wanted to share with you briefly. First is I had a number of questions about why I was against commercial on every street corner in the ER1 zone I discussed in the last newsletter.  The article was already running pretty long so I didn’t explain what I meant. Local service commercial and strong retail strips or commercial main streets are hubs for read more

Centre Plan R1 compared to ER1, secondary suites public hearing, Coronavirus Update #35, more

Some folks have been getting emails or seeing social media posts that seem to show big changes proposed in the R1 zones in the Centre Plan.  I’m going to try and show what is changing and what is not, but really what I think is surprising to the people who have called me is how permissive the rules are on the peninsula already. Right now the R1 zone in the Peninsula Land Use Bylaw, South End Detail Area Plan (adopted around 1982) allows read more