Traffic Calming and Slow Streets, Virtual Canada Day, Park Updates, Coronavirus Update #30 and more

Hello all, I got back late Sunday from Montreal, moved my daughter home for the year. She didn’t want to spend a year in an apartment going to school virtually. We are now in isolation for another nine days, so while many of you are enjoying the relaxation of many rules, you won’t see me at meetings or grabbing a coffee until July 5th or so! I crossed two provincial borders and stopped for gas in a number of towns read more

Welcome Liam, Policing, Centre Plan Package B, Coronavirus Update #29

Hi all, I wanted to share some changes in our (virtual) City Hall office. As you know since Melody got promoted I’ve had Lucille Walsh filling in with Laura Nooyen covering at patches as my Constituency Coordinator. Lucille said goodbye to us the week before last, and went back to retirement, she says for real this time but that is not a bet I would place money on!  I wish her all the best and will miss her, and I am sure read more

Black Lives Matter, Scooters, Roadwork, Coronavirus Update #28: Rec, Sports, Parks

Black Lives Matter and Policing in Halifax I’ve gotten almost seven hundred emails in the last three days and I have been trying to respond to everyone with the following info. These are certainly difficult times. I find what is happening in the US unacceptable and horrifying, while also recognizing we have our own weight of institutional and systemic racism that we continue to suffer under here in Nova Scotia and Canada. Black lives matter.  Without justice, there will be read more

Taxes, Budget, Rapid Transit, ferries, Electric buses, Coronavirus Update 27 and more oh my.

Hello all!  We finally finished the recast COVID budget today!  Long time subscribers know I have said year after year “budget is finally over and now I can catch up, get back you, sorry for the delay.”  Well in 2020 we had to do the budget twice! I will be caught up on the small backlog of issues Monday or Tuesday, thank you for your patience. Taxes Due June 1 First thing I have to say, and I know this read more

Budget, Cogswell, Roadwork, (EDIT) Parking Resumes June 1, Coronavirus Update #26

Hello residents! I am working hard this morning to get this update out so I can spend this afternoon on my back deck in the 25C heat and sun while participating via video in our budget discussion today. I hope you are able take time to enjoy today! Regional Council and staff continue to work to close the budget gap that COVID-19 has created. The crux of the debate is whether to use reserves or debt to preserve staff positions and thus read more