The Case for Small Schools

Educational researchers have long studied whether there are benefits to smaller schools in comparison with larger schools. These studies overwhelmingly indicate that the known benefits of smaller schools include better academic achievement, better attendance and retention, better behaviour, increased participation in extracurricular activities, a stronger sense of belonging, greater parental involvement, and a more positive self-image for students.

In addition, there have been studies of specific facilities projects indicating that the highly touted cost-benefit of building larger schools just hasn’t materialized and that so-called economies of scale remain elusive. In fact, some of these studies show that the cost per student in larger schools can in many cases be greater than the cost per student in smaller schools.

There are even studies that predict future trends in education, based on past experience and the current knowledge base. They suggest that smaller schools will be (and should be) the focus of the future direction of school boards.

Here is a sample of the vast educational material out there supporting smaller schools:

For even more resources supporting smaller schools, please see the resource list at the US National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (NCEF).

Thanks to parent Sue D for compiling this list!