Financial Support & Paying the Bills

(Archived and no longer updated, updated Sept 24, 2021)

What to do when relief cheques come, and whether to defer bills.

If you get a government benefit cheque, it is there to feed and shelter you. You should use this to help pay your bills, and keep paying your rent, your mortgage, your other bills, using deferrals only if the money does not stretch to cover everything as well as provide your necessities.

If you have adequate income, either from work or from relief, don’t apply to defer your payments.  You will be taking on debt for no reason.  Remember also income taxes aren’t deducted from it upfront from the emergency benefits.

Rent Control and Evictions

The province controls tenancy and rent control.  Rent control is expected to stay until the State of Emergency is lifted in February 2021.

Tax and Utility Bills

I’ve moved this information to the new Housing Section, which has more information on your rights and how to protect yourself – please visit the housing – know your rights section here.



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