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Helping your neighbours

Nova Scotians are pulling together and helping make sure friends and neighbours are safe and supported. It is important that we help each other as we are able, especially considering the elderly and housebound.

There are a great number of folks doing different things to help their neighbours:

We are going to get through this by working together and supporting one another.  Please email or message me what you see happening in your community so I can share the good news!

Support Local Food Banks

All of our not for profit service providers are struggling at this time, but of particular concern to me are the food banks.  If you are able, I encourage you to consider a donation to Feed Nova Scotia or Parker Street Food bank so they are able to continue to do their important work.

Parker Street –

Nova Scotia’s healthcare heroes

Nova Scotia’s healthcare heroes are showing extraordinary care and commitment under unprecedented circumstances and many businesses are showing up as ‘helpers’ with offerings to make life a little easier for them during the COVID-19 pandemic. To amplify these neighbourly and generous offerings, Partners for Care (PFC) is launching a website that lists the various services and products that are convenient, discounted or free for our healthcare workers across Nova Scotia. Businesses with offerings are asked to email with their business name, contact information (phone and email), a brief description of their offering, and how the healthcare hero can redeem their offer (e.g. website link, code, showing NSHA ID badge, etc.)

Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!#NovaScotia’s #farmersmarkets are moving online, and they could use community support as we move rapidly to support our local farmers and producers while helping to provide food and necessities to Nova Scotians.

Halifax ReTales: list of restaurants with delivery, shops with gift cards

ReTales has been keeping these up to date lists to support local business. He has been working his tail off (pun intended) maintaining two lists, one is the list of open local businesses that are doing pick up or delivery, and the other is local businesses that would LOVE to sell you a gift card so they have some cash to help survive this crisis.

Business Associations – What is open on the Peninsula

In addition to Resales great list the four peninsula business areas have lists of what is open at this time. The information is changing so rapidly and they are doing our best to keep this list updated.

Support local artists on Bandcamp

Stephen Cooke from the Chronicle Herald wrote “Want to support some local artists? Here’s a [list] full of suggestions. Click early, click often.   You can search by region, so the “Nova Scotia” tag brings up a wide range of local musicians, from OUTTACONTROLLR to Rose Cousins” – click here or check out this list


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