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Stay informed, but practice Information Hygiene

There are many websites have all the information people may require to prepare for the coming weeks and months (listed below). It is important you get your information from official channels.

There are a lot of folks sharing incorrect and scary information. It not helpful, it is potentially dangerous.

Just like washing your hands well and a lot, it is more important than ever to practice good information hygiene. Follow official sources and reliable news outlets. Resist the impulse to share stories or news from other sources. Don’t believe it, and don’t spread it.

It undermines public health officials and it undercuts their messaging and could put lives at risk!

Government Websites

For information on coronavirus and how Nova Scotia is responding, including specifics on the State of Emergency and copies of public health orders:

For information on what Halifax is doing to support the response, including details regarding municipal service changes:

Government of Canada has an extensive set of pages outlining current health issues, prevention, symptoms, and the economic and financial support:

Deeper Dive into more detailed resources:

Federation of Canadian Municipalities – in depth list of Federal resources and links to every province

Word Health Organization – Coronavirus info from the global agency responsible for health.

Important Social Media to Follow


Nova Scotia Health and Wellness
Central Zone Public Health (Healthy Beginnings) 
Healthy Canadians
Travel Advice from the Government of Canada
Halifax Regional Municipality


Central Zone (Halifax) Public Health @PublicHealthCZ
NS Health @nshealth
Halifax @hfxgov
Government of Canada Travel advice @TravelGoC
Government of Canada Health @GovCanHealth
Canada Public Health @CPHO_Canada
Andy Fillmore, MP for Halifax @AndyFillmoreHFX
Lisa Roberts, MLA Halifax Needham @LisaRobertsHfx
Gary Burrill, MLA Halifax Chebucto @GaryBurrill
I also created a Coronavirus Twitter list you can subscribe to


Public Health Agency of Canada

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