RESCHEDULED to Monday June 12, 2023 Participatory Budget Voting Returns to District 7

Picture of the ballot box at a PB vote


2023 Participatory Budgeting vote results are in for District 7! On June 12 over three hundred and fifty people turned out to vote at the Central Library.

After a fun and sometimes hectic night 4 small projects receive full funding, 7 large projects received full funding, and one received partial funding at the first District 7 Participatory Budgeting vote since COVID paused the project.

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With much consideration, we have decided to delay our participatory budgeting evening until June 12th.  

It will be held at the same time and the same location – Lindsay Children’s Room, Halifax Central Library.

With the ongoing wildfires still not under control the focus needs to be on operational issues with the Municipality.

Our sincere apologies for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause.


Building a great community – one great idea at a time

Residents of District 7 are invited to join me at the Lindsay Children’s Room at Halifax Central Library on Rescheduled to Monday June 12, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to vote on which projects should receive support from District 7’s district capital for 2023-24.

A tradition since 2013 (except during COVID) community members like you have proposed projects and made recommendations on how to spend district capital money, and then voted on what should be funded. This year $84,000 is available.

All residents of District 7 regardless of citizenship – including children – are invited to come and help choose projects that will help build a stronger community! We are practising a different way of making decisions about how to spend public money in our neighbourhood.

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There are two funding streams – a big projects category that funds up to $10,000 and a small project category that will fund up to $5,000 or less.

Project applicants are set up science fair style in the room ready to answer questions about their proposal.  Each ballot will have two sections on it and each voter must choose 4 different big projects and 2 different small projects for the ballot to be considered complete and to be counted.  Votes are not weighted (all 4 votes for big projects count equally).

Winners will be announced at the end of the night!

Small Projects ($5000 or less)

Halifax Dance Project – $5,000
Provide workshops through the downtown core.  Featuring 3 classes each week for 6 weeks.

Neighbours of Larch & Jennings Streets – $2,500
Event day supplies and food to create a community mural

Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association – $5,000.00
Funding to support the Halifax Mural Festival.

Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax – $5,000.00
Landscaping and creating a community garden and sitting area.

Wonder’neath Art Society – $5,000.00
Storage and display cabinets to house the collection.

Large Projects (more than $5000)

Adsum for Women & Children – $10,000.00
Purchase of new sleeping bags, tarps, and tents for use

Gorsebrook Junior High– $10,000.00
Installation of new basketball nets, backboards, and an electronic pulley system so we can raise and lower the nets.

Halifax Brewery Market – $6,500.00
Upgrades are required to support our community space (Salle de Grainnage) – providing a safe, accessible, and welcoming space for both vendors and community members to enjoy.

Halifax Central Junior High – $10,000.00
Calenstethics set up to promote exercise in the community.

Halifax Lancers – $8,000.00
Replacing the concrete floor in sections of the Lancer’s stable.

Ecole LeMarchant-St. Thomas School – $10,000.00
Balance of funds needed to pay for 2 Ceiling mounted Basketball Units (side nets), with steel fan backboards with borders and targets, rear-mounted rims, and adjustable frames.

North End Business Association – $10,000.00
Art Mural Project in partnership with the Halifax Mural Festival

Old Burying Ground – $9,931.00
Replacement of outdated trash receptacles and park benches.

Spencer House – $8,650.00
Our application to the District 7 Capital Funding Grant is asking that you help us in our placemaking efforts on Morris Street i.e. public Wi-Fi access, outdoor furniture, etc.

St. Paul’s Church – $10,000.00
Repair of the dilapidated south wall on St. Paul’s property (along Prince St.) which is part of Halifax’s Grand Parade.

Turret Art Space – $10,000.00
We propose to use the funding for building & liability insurance, directors insurance,  utilities (power, water) during our renovations.

District Capital Funds are for permanent projects that provide publicly accessible benefits in the community and that provide widespread community benefit. Priority is given to projects that are intergenerational or focused on youth or seniors, and that work to address equity, inclusion, and systemic racism in our community.  Projects must provide the broadest public benefit, and meet all HRM policies and guidelines

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Picture showing Lindsay childrens room with applicants displays set up and voters talking to applicants.