2023-24 Participatory Budgeting in District 7 – Wednesday May 31, 2023

The Return of District 7 Participatory Budgeting Vote 
Building a great community – one great idea at a time

Each district has a budget of $94,000 for a District Capital Fund for permanent projects in the community that provide widespread community benefit. Since 2013, except during COVID, community members just like you have proposed projects made recommendations on how to spend this money and voted on what should be funded.

All residents of District 7 – including children – are invited to come and help choose projects that will help build a stronger community! We are practising a different way to make decisions about how to spend public money in our neighbourhood.

  • Do you live in District 7 Halifax South Downtown?
  • Need funding for a project to support, enhance, and build community here?
  • Want to have a say in how this neighbourhood budget is spent?

Does your community:

  • Need funding for a project to support, enhance, and build community?
  • Want to see more public art, bike racks, and benches?
  • Does your neighbourhood want to improve a park or playground?

There are two project streams – a big projects category that funds up to $10,000 and a small project category that will fund up to $5,000 or less.

District Capital Funds are for permanent projects that provide publicly accessible benefits in the community and that provide widespread community benefit. Priority is given to projects that are intergenerational or focused on youth or seniors, and that work to address equity, inclusion, and systemic racism in our community.  Projects must provide the broadest public benefit, and meet all HRM policies and guidelines

For upcoming deadlines and key dates, click here.