WORDS – my five minutes on the Skye proposal


Mr Mayor I am pleased move this motion and support staff’s recommendation that council not move to first reading.

As staff just outlined there are five amendments that would be required to allow this proposal to go forward.

The discussion today is about trust.

Does council trust that we got …

Day 6-14, post election – a week to reflect, and work really hard!

Wow.  It is really hard to blog when you don’t have time to blog.  It’s been a long time and I will try and update everyone on the last ten days in a couple of short articles tonight and tomorrow.

So where we left off was five days after the …

Day 4 & 5

Wednesday I taught at NSCC.  Not a lot of calls, or emails.  It is mid-term at the college and I have tests going out and stuff to mark, so it was pretty quiet.

Thursday was a big day.  I finally got a haircut.  Then I met with the Mayor Elect …

Day 3 – Campaign’s don’t end on election night

So the last post was wrong.  Really it should have said day 1 & 2.  Day 3 was Tuesday, Oct 23, and the day started with breakfast with my friend AJ, a pastor I met during campaigning who I really enjoy talking to.  I suppose talking to people is a …

Waye Mason Announces Bid for HRM Council

Hello. My name is Waye Mason, and I hope that on October 20th, 2012 you will vote for me for Councillor, District 7, Peninsula South Downtown.

I’ve been a resident of District 7 for almost twenty years, and I have been involved in issues in our region & our district …