On Stadiums, Summer Concerts, and Business Columns – Concerts in HRM Part 1

Rolling Stones, Landsdowne

Look closely at that picture over there. Rolling Stones, right? Halifax, or Moncton show? Neither. That my loyal readers is a picture of the Rolling Stones at Frank Clair Field in Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. The concert took place in a stadium.

Let’s talk about stadiums. In the Chronicle Herald …

McCartney scandal discussion still simmering

Almost caught up on missed work from last week, and when I am I will post more, but until then, here is a recent post from Locals.

Look, this is such a circular argument.

People like Folkie think Paul McCartney is better, for no quantifiable reason. Mainstream music consumers (a

More on the Paul McCartney scandal.

I just posted this follow up on a local message board.

Again this is not mainstream vs indie, or Beatles vs Arcade Fire, or whatever.

The issue is this:

Lets say I accept the Economic Impact argument. Lets say I accept that Paul Macca brought $8 million to Halifax.


Budget Time!

It is budget day in Nova Scotia. A year of limping through the broken remains of the Conservative’s election year budget has finally come to a close.

Now comes the fear and trepidation… What sacred cows will be cut? What blatantly political projects are going to be funded? Or…. not?…

The ECMA acceptance speech I wish I had given

Quite to my surprise, Halifax Pop Explosion won the East Coast Music Award for Event of the year… Completely unprepared I stumbled through an awful speech, my worst ever I suspect.

Here is what I should have said:

Thank you, this is completely and totally unexpected.