On Stadiums, Summer Concerts, and Business Columns – Concerts in HRM Part 1

Look closely at that picture over there. Rolling Stones, right? Halifax, or Moncton show? Neither. That my loyal readers is a picture of the Rolling Stones at Frank Clair Field in Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. The concert took place in a stadium. Let’s talk about stadiums. In the Chronicle Herald yesterday (Wednesday Oct 5) the columnist for (corrected, I thought he was editor) the business section, Roger Taylor, wrote a column that included the sentiment that “If there was seating read more

McCartney scandal discussion still simmering

Almost caught up on missed work from last week, and when I am I will post more, but until then, here is a recent post from Locals. Look, this is such a circular argument. People like Folkie think Paul McCartney is better, for no quantifiable reason. Mainstream music consumers (a shrinking commodity, but still a huge force) think that “of course this music is better” meaning mainstream old school pop and rock. So the government and bureaucrats can justify the read more

More on the Paul McCartney scandal.

I just posted this follow up on a local message board. Again this is not mainstream vs indie, or Beatles vs Arcade Fire, or whatever. The issue is this: Lets say I accept the Economic Impact argument. Lets say I accept that Paul Macca brought $8 million to Halifax. I have a document using generally accepted practices that says that HPX bring $2 million to Halifax. Using that logic, saying yes, this is the investment required to make these events read more

Budget Time!

It is budget day in Nova Scotia. A year of limping through the broken remains of the Conservative’s election year budget has finally come to a close. Now comes the fear and trepidation… What sacred cows will be cut? What blatantly political projects are going to be funded? Or…. not? But more importantly, will the NDP be really actually different than any past government? If so, how? Since July we have had a government that was so far into a read more

The ECMA acceptance speech I wish I had given

Quite to my surprise, Halifax Pop Explosion won the East Coast Music Award for Event of the year… Completely unprepared I stumbled through an awful speech, my worst ever I suspect. Here is what I should have said: Thank you, this is completely and totally unexpected.