Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics – Don Mills on the radio again

Don Mills kills me. Don is a pollster, so you would think that he would live by facts and figures. Two days ago he was speaking on CBC Mainstreet (Halifax edition) and his thesis was that Halifax lagged far behind every other city of size in Canada in growth in the 2000s because we didn’t approve new buildings fast enough. His primary example was what we like to call Twisty Towers or Twisted Sisters, the United Gulf development proposed for read more

In Health Care, Cost Isn’t Proof of High Quality – New York Times

…In a Pennsylvania government survey of the state’s 60 hospitals that perform heart bypass surgery, the best-paid hospital received nearly $100,000, on average, for the operation while the least-paid got less than $20,000. At both, patients had comparable lengths of stay and death rates. And among the 20 hospitals serving metropolitan Philadelphia, two of the highest paid actually had higher-than-expected death rates, the survey found. Hospitals say there are numerous reasons for some of the high payments, including the fact read more

Public Schools Perform Near Private Ones in Study – New York Times

Adequately funded public schools perform as well as private schools. I wonder how Nova Scotia’s least funded in North America public school system would stack up? Public Schools Perform Near Private Ones in Study – New York Times