China in the news, again, a lot.

My family has been boycotting China for some time. We try not to buy Chinese made products, over concerns regarding safety, quality, human rights in China, and Tibet. I often am heard to make the statement “Hard drive crashed, eh? Cheap crap made in China.” To be fair, we as a society love cheap over quaity, so we do this to ourselves. I personally also worry that China, the last large dictatorship in the world, would not be unhappy to read more

Joel Plaskett, Case Study…

Today I spent an amazing hour talking with Brendan from SpinART Records, about how hard it is for the kind of music we both like to break out in the United States these days. Media and college radio are into really quirky arty stuff and a straight forward rocker like Joel Plaskett does not seem to be able to get a lot of traction with key media support. Note to cooler than me readers. Joel is, increasingly, in Halifax, considered read more