Wifi at the Oval, AirBnB party house reporting, upcoming issues for 2020, more

I hope you had an enjoyable winter holiday period. We were back at City Hall last week holding a Budget Committee meeting, meeting residents, and of course enjoying the inconvenient but beautiful snow day on Wednesday! A lot is coming up this year in terms of important direction for the municipality – decision and direction on higher order transit, library construction and rehabilitation funding, affordable housing funding through the new Centre Plan fund, of course Halifact 2050, our municipal contribution read more

Young Ave update, Gorsebrook Park, geosmin, more

What a couple of weeks eh? First off, a huge thank you to the Young Avenue District Heritage Conservation Society, the Park to Park Community Association, the NS Heritage Trust, the Local Council of Women Halifax, and every other group and individual who rallied so quickly last week to save Young Avenue. From an unexpected notice of motion on November 26 to the withdrawal of the motion December 3, hundreds of people called councillors, sent in letters, signed petitions, and mobilized the community. read more

Important Update On Young Avenue

UPDATE:  after considerable uproar and it looking increasingly unlikely that the motion would get anywhere near the votes required, Councillor Adams withdrew his motion at the December 3, 2019 Council meeting. A lot of residents have contacted me asking why Councillor Adams gave a Notice of Motion to ask council to consider allowing multi-unit apartment buildings on Young Ave. (edit – the motion does not explicitly ask for multi-unit, but that is what the proponent has asked for since April, and read more

Participatory Budget vote cancelled, affordable housing program and Centre Plan, more

Hello all, couple of quick notes and some great community events to share. The District 7 Participatory Budgeting Vote Night scheduled for November 4th has been cancelled. We tried moving the vote night to the Fall to see if we could get more people involved, and it has not worked out! We did not get enough projects submitted to allow for a vote, so we have decided to consider funding all the projects that were submitted. This means that while there read more

Crane Removal Update – Government of Nova Scotia – Wednesday October 23 2019 11:08am

Workers successfully removed the top section of the main tower of the fallen crane late yesterday. This represents a major milestone in the project. With both the top and middle sections of the tower removed from the building over the past two days,  the evacuation order has been lifted by Halifax Fire and Emergency for residents in the northeast and northwest sides of the Trillium. As work is still ongoing, it is recommended that residents stay off their balconies and read more