Endorsements 2020

Home | Empower | Green | Connect | Report Card | Endorse | Launch Waye has earned the respect and support of District 7 residents by listening, responding quickly, and being transparent and accountable.  These are stories about helping them and their families, or about us working together to help the community and make District 7 and HRM a better place. I thank each of them for their kind words and support! Richard & Grace Beasley   Elizabeth Wozniak Ward read more

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Hi folks, hope you are enjoying this blustery fall day! This will be my last newsletter for this term. Hard to believe how time has flown by! I have enjoyed representing you and District 7 these last eight years, and it has been an honour and a privilege to serve you. If you have not already, please take a moment and vote, information on how to register and vote follows this section.  The first in-person voting opportunity is tomorrow at Citadel High read more

Voting has begun!

Online voting is now open. This campaign I’ve talked about my record as your Councillor and shared my report card that shows that when I make promises I worked hard and deliver them. I’ve also shared some endorsements from a number of residents who wanted to share the work I’ve done with them to make our community a better place. I need your support so I can keep working for District 7 to empower all residents to be economically secure and hopeful, build a green municipality that has a plan to address the climate emergency, and connect residents by transforming read more

Vote Waye Mason on October 6-17 2020

Home | Empower | Green | Connect | Report Card | Endorse | Launch On October 17, 2020 I was elected as Councillor for District 7 Halifax South Downtown.  Once again, as I did in 2012 and 2016 I’ve archived the campaign site here on my blog, so that all my web material is all in one place. Thank you for your support and kindness during this election.   When the votes were counted, I was so humbled and gratified to see read more

Endorsement – Gerry Walsh

Gerry Walsh and I knew each other and had worked together before we ran against each other in the 2012 election, and I am grateful he has become a sounding board and advisor in the years since.  I thank him for his continued and public support. What I like about Waye Mason is that he is forward-thinking and intelligent. He researches complex issues and comes to Council meetings well informed. He has integrity and keeps his promises. He consults with citizens and is responsive to their concerns. He possesses read more

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I’d like to thank everyone for taking precautions this week when it looked like Teddy was going to wallop Nova Scotia. I’m the son of a sailor and grew up next to the ocean, so I know the forecasts are just that, and the ocean and these storms can be highly unpredictable.  We were lucky this time, like we were with Hortense, but we’ve also been unlucky, like with Juan and Dorian. It is always better in my opinion to err read more

Hurricane Teddy Update 2

NOAA has updated their tracking (next Env. Canada is 3pm) and they now predict 90-100% likelihood of tropical storm-force winds on the whole Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at5.shtml?start#contents Hurricane Teddy is on track to Hit Nova Scotia starting in just a few hours. It is important residents take this storm seriously, and take precautions. Given current tracking, it appears Teddy is going to wallop the entire Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. With the size of the storm, the strength of the read more

Hurricane Teddy Update 1

Hurricane Teddy is approaching Nova Scotia and while this morning it appears to be tracking to the northeast of central Halifax, in our recent experience hurricanes seem to ‘make up their minds’ when they are in sight of land. The direction the storm takes could see it land anywhere from Sambro to Canso right now, so it is important to be prepared. This post contains the official HRM update, NS Power update, and a list of practical things you can do to personally read more

Proven Results: Report Card 2020

Home | Empower | Green | Connect | Report Card | Endorse | Launch I made 30 commitments during the 2016 election, and I am proud to say as of August 2020, 21 are done, 6 are partially completed, while 2 are not done and one is no longer applicable. I will continue to work on these and expect all will be completed in the next few years. You can read more about what I promised and the current status below. NEIGHBOURHOOD PRIORITIES   Housing affordability read more

Endorsement – Grace Robinson-Crawley

Grace called me out of the blue one day for a meeting and came down to City Hall to talk about how we could all help street involved folks and not turn our backs on these vulnerable citizens. She is a powerful leader who is dedicated to making change happen, despite not yet being able to legally drive a car!  I am so grateful for her endorsement. I am so happy that Waye Mason is running for councillor again! I read more