About Citadel Schools

Citadelschools.ca was created by concerned parents, to enable parents and community members to talk about education issues.

Citadelschools.ca exists to provide information, resources, and communication for parents and citizens regarding all P-12 schools on the peninsula of Halifax, the Citadel High family of schools.

The future of education delivery in our community must be determined by a process driven by public input. This process must include school closure, new school construction, and renovation and rehabilitation of existing schools. This process must include consideration for community needs and municipal planning. Currently, this is not the case!

Citadelschools.ca has both a mailing list to send announcements on important meetings and issues, and a message board, or forum, for online debate and discussion.

Schools In Citadel

Elementary P-6
Inglis Street Elementary
LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary
Saint Mary’s Elementary
Sir Charles Tupper Elementary
St. Joseph’s-Alexander McKay Elementary
St. Stephen’s Elementary
Joseph Howe Elementary
Springvale Elementary
St. Catherine’s Elementary
Westmount Elementary

Consolodated P-9
St. Patrick’s-Alexandra

Junior High Schools
St. Agnes Junior High
Cornwallis Junior High
Gorsebrook Junior High
Highland Park Junior High

High Schools
St. Patrick’s High
Queen Elizabeth High
to be replaced by Citadel High 2007-2008