Questions for Leaders regarding Affordable Housing in Halifax

VIA EMAIL Gary Burrill, Leader New Democratic Party NS 603-5151 George St Halifax, NS B3J 1M5 Iain Rankin, Leader Liberal Party NS 1400-5151 George St Halifax, NS B3J 1M5 Tim Houston, Leader Progressive Conservative Party NS 1003-1660 Hollis St Halifax, NS B3J 1V7 July 29, 2021 RE: Questions for Leaders regarding Affordable Housing in Halifax Gentlemen, I watched the debate last night with great interest and was pleased that housing was a major point of discussion. I am writing today read more

2021 Provincial Election Resources

2021 Provincial General Election The 41st Provincial General Election is underway in Nova Scotia. Election day will be Tuesday, August 17, 2021. This brief newsletter contains info on things you might want to consider while voting, boundary changes, who is running and how to find out more information, and how to vote. YOU CAN VOTE TODAY.  As we joke in NS, vote early, vote often!  But not the last part.  But vote before you head out on vacation, or back to read more

Provincial Election Tuesday August 17

Nova Scotians will be going to the polls for a general provincial election on Tuesday, August 17. Residents of District 7 should know that the boundaries of Halifax Citadel Sable Island, Halifax Chebucto and Halifax Needham shifted during the last redistricting.   The area between Cogswell and Duke/Rainne/Gottingen is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Needham). The area between Jubilee and Coburg from Robie to the North West arm is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Chebucto). read more

Housing and Shelter Update, North West Arm Infill, Hospital Noise Test, Cornonavirus Update #48 phase 4 info

In This Issue My Council Update has information a housing & shelter update, North West Arm infill threat, Robie Street (QE2) hospital site noise test, Centennial Pool update, and bi-weekly blue bag collection. Public Meetings and Hearing gives folks a heads up on some important upcoming public hearing dates, and dates for the rest of this summer’s Regional and Community Council meetings.  Roadworks includes a few projects.  Community Events includes an important fundraiser for Spencer House, Bastille Day, and sidewalk chalk placemaking kits.  Coronavirus Update #48 has details on read more

Letter to the Premier – Affordable Housing in Halifax and Nova Scotia

(two weeks ago, I wrote this post, and said I was writing a letter to the Premier. This is that letter) Honourable Iain Rankin Premier of Nova Scotia PO Box 726 Halifax NS  B3J 2T3 July 7, 2021 RE: Affordable Housing in Halifax and Nova Scotia Dear Premier, I am writing to thank you for your government’s announcement yesterday that you will both fund and act on the recommendations of the Affordable Housing Commission. As you are aware, Nova Scotia read more

Everyone should be angry and frustrated at the current housing crisis.

Future Site of Compass Coop Housing Project pictured above. Last week there was an outpouring of concern, frustration, and anger about the lack of affordable housing in Nova Scotia, especially around providing safe and appropriate housing for the most vulnerable in our community. I’m angry and frustrated too. I’ve been in this fight for nearly a decade, but now I need your help. This was inevitable and largely avoidable. There was work that needed to be done and all levels read more

Ronald McDonald House, Summer Street Temporary One Way, Coronavirus Update #47, more

In This Issue A couple of important things came in while I was sending Friday’s newsletter and I wanted to get them out to you right away.  This short issue contains info about public engagement opportunities for the New Ronald McDonald House information meeting, the provinces Climate Change Plan public engagement, Call for Artists for an African NS interpretive panel, and a new website for exploring current and proposed heritage conservation districts on the peninsula. Roadworks contains info about Summer Street by the read more

Tragedies in Kamloops and London, Spring Garden, Centre Plan review, more

In This Issue My Council Update is talks briefly about the tragedies in London and Kamloops, Spring Garden Road, and very importantly the draft Centre Plan package B. Public Meetings and Hearing includes details about the Regional Plan review and upcoming council meetings.  Roadworks includes two new projects. Community Events reminds folks about the District Capital Grant Deadline and the Regional Plan review.  Coronavirus Update #46 has some government resource updates. This issue ends with info on how to reach out and get help on municipal issues. Councillor Update The last two read more

Proposed changes to residential zoning, Centre Plan Package B

Forgive the very long post, but homeowners and residents of District 7 need to be aware of the proposed changes to our zoning. I am excited by these proposals, and want to hear from you about your thoughts!   The goal of the Centre Plan has always been to put development where it made sense, on busy corridors with good transit and which have sewer and water capacity and nearby parks, and to protect the character of our residential neighbourhoods while read more

Regional Plan Review, Census, accessibility strategy, Coronavirus Update #45, more

In This Issue This update was posted in the afternoon of May 21, 2020. The COVID-19 emergency response continues to evolving rapidly. Please check the Canada, Nova Scotia and Halifax websites for the most up-to-date information. You can also check out my COVID-19 resources, with information on current Government Response, Individuals & Families, Business as well as Links to Resources including key social media to follow. My Council Update talks briefly about covid impacts, promotes the Regional Plan review engagement that just started, the recent Citizenship Awards, concern about Radon, HRM adopting and Accessibility Strategy, read more