Update #8 – Taxis, Participatory Budgeting 2017, upcoming events, more

NEWS TAXI APPEALS AND LICENSING MOTION I am pleased to let residents know HRM is taking action to tighten standards for taxis. My motion was passed unanimously & I would like to share my introduction to that motion: What citizens in HRM value is a taxi system that is safe for all. It is important that the public both know and feel the taxi system in HRM is safe. People should only be licensed to drive a cab if they read more

Snow Update #2 – what the next couple days looks like

Municipal staff and contractors are focused on improving mobility and accessibility for all as quickly as possible, given the amount of work to be completed. Crews will be targeting clearing of crosswalks, intersections, and providing access to push buttons over the next few days. It is not expected that all sidewalks can be fully accessible (ie completely cleared) for ten to 14 days. Personally, I think if you can, shovel your sidewalk. We all need to dig deep (pun intended). read more

City will slowly but surely get back on its feet tomorrow.

This was a big storm! 45cm has fallen and 10-12 more may fall, which would bring us to double a normal heavy storm. This is so far beyond normal that HRM will not be able to meet our normal snow service standards.  Clean-up operations will take several days.  Basically add at least 24 hours to normal snow clearing timelines. You can read the detailed release from HRM but here (http://www.halifax.ca/snow/update.php) are the coles notes: Municipal offices, rec centres will be read more

Update #7: Snow day edition – sidewalk snow removal, wood stoves, parking fines, oh my!

NEWS Happy snow day to all of you who got a day off on this glorious sunny Friday!  As a wise man said on twitter this morning “our community was really committed to today being a day off!” Lots of public meetings and events are listed below, but a big deadline coming up especially for parents: registration for Spring Recreation programs begins Feb 22, 2017. Details in the newsletter below. A couple of issues are percolating right now and I read more

Proposed Changes to Parking Fines

We are writing to update residents about proposed changes to the parking fines in HRM. Most other Canadian cities have vibrant downtowns and main streets while also having higher parking fines. The reason HRM is considering increasing parking penalties is to make sure that the fine is high enough to encourage compliance, while in turn increasing parking spot turnover and providing all residents and visitors fair access to available parking. What we have heard from businesses is that some people read more