FACT CHECK – how do Nova Scotia education funding and teacher student ratios rate nationally?

One of my frequent posters and I have been arguing about “selective use of facts” so I went looking for better facts, facts that are inarguable and impartial. Facts are actually not hard to come by. Three google searches found this page – Summary Public School Indicators for Canada, the Provinces and Territories, 2001/2002 to 2007/2008 at Statscan. Statscan uses the full amount spent on P-12 education, including money raised through any other source, municipal or federal.  The latest year read more

The Music Is So Damn Beautiful

I gave this speech at the Lockeport Fire Hall this past summer, on Saturday, July 25 2009 to be precise. I called it “The Music Is So Damn Beautiful.” I think it went okay, I wish I had had time to practice it more, but I had a couple people moved to tears at the end, so what else can you ask for? Good evening, it is truly an honour to be here. People always say that don’t they? “It read more

High Crimes, a remedial review.

In these troubled times, where bribery and corruption in Ottawa leads the front pages of newspapers from coast to coast, I felt it was time to do some remedial reading, as it were.  Let us review how one can be found guilty of hgih crimes. Wikipeda defines high crimes thusly:  “The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct that do not fall under a more clearly defined impeachable offence; e.g., high treason. This charge occurs only in read more

On the very verge of long term planning?

There is a great article in today’s Herald about the increase in average age of Nova Scotia’s infrastructure. The article, here (until the Herald hides it after a week,) says that Nova Scotia has the oldest infrastructure in Canada with an average age of “18 years in 2007 — 1.7 years more than the Canadian average.” It later goes into some detail: “The Statistics Canada study said the average age of Nova Scotia’s roads and highways dropped to 16.3 in read more

Canada's income advance tops U.S. | TheStar.com

OTTAWA–Income per capita grew significantly faster in Canada than it did in the United States between 2000 and 2006. Statistics Canada reported that real income per capita in the United States rose 9.1 per cent, while in Canada real income per capita grew 15.5 per cent, nearly two-thirds faster. The agency said that’s just the opposite of the situation prior to the turn of the millennium, when commodity prices were weak and the Canadian dollar was depreciating. The study showed read more


I will be back in two weeks with new op/eds and posts and stuff. Have a good Canada Day weekend and all that!

The Premier hits the barricades, better late than never.

It is hard to say just what the damage to government of Canada will be since the rhetoric over the Atlantic Accord hit the boiling point this week. Bill Casey’s lonely stand against his government has quickly became a heroic and principled stand, at least out east. Just what is at stake regarding the Atlantic Accord? Most regular citizens are unlikely to jump into the actual bills and acts to see precisely what was agreed to in 2004, what is read more

Casey offers a drop of water in Nova Scotia's political desert.

Yesterday Bill Casey, Nova Scotia’s most senior Tory MP, demonstrated a remarkable amount of guts by voting against his government’s own budget. As a result he is likely to be ejected from the government caucus today. The government has been spinning madly the last few days leading up to the vote, arguing that they are implementing “new phase” of the accord, or that the budget would result in an “improved” Atlantic Accord. Crossing the line between putting a spin on read more

Various things

I am going to Toronto on Wednesday for NXNE. Woot! Buffalo Tom at the Shoe on Thursday the 7th. HPX got our Service Canada grants. The program is a total farce, now. They are giving everyone what they got last year, with no actual oversight or review. Garbage. So much for the new government of Canada. I am on youtube. The quality of this ad is really good. I am going to put a bunch of historical Pop Explosion stuff read more

God Damn the "New Government of Canada"

Here comes the new boss… same as the old boss. From: Waye Mason [mailto:waye@halifaxpopexplosion.com] Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 1:26 PM To: Stephanie Domet; Phlis McGregor; Stewart Young; Carmine Klassen; Steven Cooke; Dean Lisk; Stephen Claire; Tara Thorn; alexa@hfx.eastlink.ca; Dawn Marie Sloane; Peter Kelly; Leonard Preyra; Maureen MacDonald; mikesavage@ns.aliantzinc.ca; sgee@hfxnews.ca; asmith@herald.ca; Steve Maher Cc: mackay.p@parl.gc.ca Subject: Summer Student Program Importance: High Hi there folks. Please forward this email to whomever should be aware of our small part in this ridiculous read more