China in the news, again, a lot.

My family has been boycotting China for some time. We try not to buy Chinese made products, over concerns regarding safety, quality, human rights in China, and Tibet. I often am heard to make the statement “Hard drive crashed, eh? Cheap crap made in China.” To be fair, we as a society love cheap over quaity, so we do this to ourselves. I personally also worry that China, the last large dictatorship in the world, would not be unhappy to read more

Boycotting China

My family made the personal decision to boycott china over a year ago.  This was not an easy decision, as over 60% of retail products are made in China.  It is not impossible, if you are prepared to be disappointed when the cheaper clothing, or less expensive toy for your child at Christmas is always made in China! We have also decided to be flexible, so that if something is simply not available without considerable additional hardship we may still read more

boycott made in china : why boycott?

boycott made in china : why boycott? The prevailing argument that market forces and international trade would transform China into a democracy has by now been completely discredited. The only remaining way for concerned people to exert some positive influence on China seems to be through the power of the individual consumer. In short, a boycott of Made in China products.

China & Tibet News

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