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I gave this presentation last night to HRSB Board Howard Windsor. My name is Waye Mason. I am the chair of a School Advisory Council on the peninsula and I am the publisher of the parents resource, and my children are in elementary and junior high school. It will be difficult to summarize my concerns with the staff report in just five minutes, so let me get straight to the point. The process of consultation run by CS&P was read more


From REVIEW OF IMAGINE OUR SCHOOLS DRAFT PROPOSAL The draft school use proposal that was presented by the consultants at the Imagine Our Schools meeting at Citadel High on January 19, 2007. It has taken some time to reflect, gather information and work through the ramifications of the proposal. I am sorry that this post is even longer than usual, but I urge you all to read the whole thing, there is lots going on to think about and read more

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Reprinted from  There are serious problems with the current Imagine Our Schools Process. Why we think so is summarized here. We are encouraging everyone, parents and citizens, to write the Imagine Our Schools people about their concerns, but that they should also :CC Howard Windsor (HRSB Administrator), the area MLAs, the area HRM Councilors, and the Minister of Education. Emails provided below. We may be able to have the process reformed, changed, or at least the final decision altered read more

"If a bunch of people clap…"

This article is reprinted from the site.  “We are here hoping to find direction from you.” said Maureen O’Shaughnessy, lead consultant and chief spokesperson for the Imagine Our Schools process. It is unlikely she did. In a meeting that stretched to over three hours long, there was not a lot clear and unequivocal direction to be found. Held at Citadel High, about 150 parents and administrators took in a slide show presenting four options, based on “community input.” Here read more updated

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