But, what if it rains? Concerts in HRM Part 2

This is not the first time your faithful scribe has written about concerts in opposite land. Now our special east coast brand of concert socialism has bent both the market and audience expectations like a five dimensional pretzel. That’s right, like Star Trek, things are so bent out of shape we need an extra dimension to even map out how we got here.

On Stadiums, Summer Concerts, and Business Columns – Concerts in HRM Part 1

Look closely at that picture over there. Rolling Stones, right? Halifax, or Moncton show? Neither. That my loyal readers is a picture of the Rolling Stones at Frank Clair Field in Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. The concert took place in a stadium. Let’s talk about stadiums. In the Chronicle Herald yesterday (Wednesday Oct 5) the columnist for (corrected, I thought he was editor) the business section, Roger Taylor, wrote a column that included the sentiment that “If there was seating read more

Small Update

Another shorter update. Bernie Smith from the Spring Garden Merchants Association called to say that one of the ways that they sold the Stone’s concert was increased business for downtown. The end result of the Stones concert – markedly decreased business on Spring Garden Road, the exact opposite of what was expected, hoped, and promised.

Oh Dear God… published.

To my wonder and delight, the Herald published my last article in the paper today. It was rather shocking in that I was not contacted, or, they tried to contact me while I was on business in Boston and never got a hold of me. It also comes two weeks after I wrote it, so some of the facts and suppositions are no longer completely accurate. Tomorrow, I think it likely that there will be a letter written by a read more

Chronicle Herald | Rolling Stones – Another View

Note: This article was published in the September 25, 2006 issue of the Chronicle Herald on the Op/Ed page. As the mud on the North Common slowly dries under the warm fall sun, you can hear the whirling sound of government, industry and media spinning rapidly and heartily. They spin to ensure that the only message heard after the Rolling Stones concert is overwhelmingly, ridiculously positive. On the face of it, the concert was a success. Lots of people had a read more