High dudgeon in the arts and culture world!

Apparently some people were still talking about a $1.1 million cut to the Culture Division by the NDP government. While I was one of those people, I quickly called around and got the straight goods – most of the cut is through one time programs being over, or funding responsibility being moved to other divisions. So luckily I was able to talk about that on the CBC on budget day. However, I got a great email from Joella just now, read more

My letter to the Coast.

Cut to the chase (their title, obviously) To the editor, Regarding the article “MacDonald Bridge” in last week’s issue: Andrew Terris has repeatedly stated both in your article and other venues that the Nova Scotia Arts Council being shut down and the Cultural Federations having their budgets cut in 2002 coincided with the launch of the Nova Scotia Music Sector Strategy. In fact, it was launched in August 2004, two years later than he states. Mr. Terris stated that there read more