Dr. Disney, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the themepark.

Let’s just lay the cards on the table.  My family is not a normal family.  We are NOT strange like AdamS family strange, nor are we scary like Manson family strange.  But we are different. I work in the music business, Marnie works at the alternative weekly, Rhett has been going to punk rock gigs since he was nine, Emma alternates between Hannah Montana and Acrade Fire as her favorite bands.  Marnie and I just got married after 10 years read more

Touch-screen voting is a failed experiment – Roanoke.com

Lawmakers prepare to replace insecure touch-screen machines with superior optical-scan technology. “It seems like only yesterday Virginia and the rest of the nation overhauled election technology after Florida’s contested 2000 results. Electronic, touch-screen devices were supposed to solve the problems and restore electoral faith. They failed. Justified skepticism about security and verifiability lingers Touch-screen voting is a failed experiment – Roanoke.com