Waiting for the Big Reveal…

Tonight, the Imagine Our Schools process will unveil the first draft of the new capital plan for Halifax peninsula. The consultants were hired in September and given until March, all of seven months, to produce a proposed capital plan. This was mandated by the Department of Education to address the lack of community consultation in the Halifax Regional School Board’s previous capital plan, which was rejected. That proposal was for all of HRM. The new consultants process is for all read more

Supplementary Funding Proposal Removes Protection, Choice

Please note this was updated at 8:00am to reflect that Arts and Music will be protected by the contract. BACKGROUND: There is a proposal to change Supplementary Funding that will be presented to HRM Committee of the Whole on Tuesday night (MARCH 20). There are many areas of concern with the current proposal, but simply put, Supplementary Funding was intended to provide funds to enhance education over and above core curriculum. The proposal will remove most restrictions on how the read more

Ecology Action Centre – ON SIDE…

Community vs. big-box schools ECOLOGY ACTION CENTRE SCHOOL closures, and the building of new schools, is a hot topic in Nova Scotia. It’s a sore spot for parents whose kids face losing their local school in favour of a larger, consolidated one outside their community. Financial savings are often cited for this worrying trend of closing small, community schools and creating “big-box” schools. Money is a convincing argument. However, there are just as convincing arguments for smaller schools, including financial read more

Level of Government?

Lance Bean, President Canadian School Board Association Mr Bean, I am writing to you today regarding the comments you made regarding the suspension of the Halifax Regional School Board that were printed in today’s Chronicle Herald. I appreciate your concern, but with respect, I would like to challenge the basis of your thesis, but also to ask for your input. Education is not a level of government. It is a service. Services are rarely run by elected boards in Canada. read more

Oh dear god…

Cindy Littlefair, parent, activist, friend, and editor of Shambala Sun wrote this blushworthy blog for the Heralds website…. *cringe* 🙂 The Near North by :: Cindy Littlefair Birth of a District Posted by: Cindy Littlefair 01/31/2007 07:59AM Anyone consuming local media in the last few months would have come across stories to do with the proposed closure of three peninsula elementary schools. The Halifax Regional School Board had announced in the fall that construction of a single school to replace read more

HRSB just the start…

While dismissing the elected members of the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB), was a dramatic, decisive and above all needed step, is just the first step in what hopefully will become full reform of public school governance in Halifax. It has been only ten short weeks since the parents and residents in our community started our campaign to ensure public consultation regarding the future of our three Halifax elementary schools. In that short time, the manifest weaknesses of the current read more

Letter to Minister Casey

Minister, First of all let me thank you for your time and commitment to the problems, and specifically our areas issues, with the Halifax Regional School Board. When we first received word of your unqualified support for public consultation, I had hoped that the HRSB elected board and staff would hear your message and abide by it. Unfortunately, it must now be clear to you and all observers that neither board nor staff are prepared to act in good faith read more

Showdown at the Hazzard County School Board

I recently had the joy of attending another meeting of the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB). In what I recognize from the Save Beaufort days, the HRSB kindly moved the motion 95% of the people here are here to see to the very end of the agenda, so that we have to sit through all the “orders of the day” motions. It seems a typical move from the staff and board here at the old HRSB. We are here to read more