High dudgeon in the arts and culture world!

Apparently some people were still talking about a $1.1 million cut to the Culture Division by the NDP government. While I was one of those people, I quickly called around and got the straight goods – most of the cut is through one time programs being over, or funding responsibility being moved to other divisions. So luckily I was able to talk about that on the CBC on budget day. However, I got a great email from Joella just now, read more

NO Case Juno Update

Number of bands that applied: 39 Number of bands with actual packages: 27 Number of spots available: 24 Number of bands who supplied NO CONTACT INFO in package: 13 Number of bands who did not even have a return mail address or contact info of any kind!: 1 Number of bands so far who applied and members are unavailable to play that weekend: 1 Good times!