Budget Time!

It is budget day in Nova Scotia. A year of limping through the broken remains of the Conservative’s election year budget has finally come to a close. Now comes the fear and trepidation… What sacred cows will be cut? What blatantly political projects are going to be funded? Or…. not? But more importantly, will the NDP be really actually different than any past government? If so, how? Since July we have had a government that was so far into a read more

My views on ECMA

Over the last 24 hours, between posts on a local message board, some emails that have resulted from that, and Scott Long’s interviews on CBC Mainstreet Sydney and Halifax, friends and colleagues in the music industry have exchanged a lot of words about the ECMA. While I am a Board member of Music NS these views are mine alone.  I feel comfortable sharing these views because I think this is a dialog that needs to be happening, not just between read more

The Music Is So Damn Beautiful

I gave this speech at the Lockeport Fire Hall this past summer, on Saturday, July 25 2009 to be precise. I called it “The Music Is So Damn Beautiful.” I think it went okay, I wish I had had time to practice it more, but I had a couple people moved to tears at the end, so what else can you ask for? Good evening, it is truly an honour to be here. People always say that don’t they? “It read more

Glass houses, my Calgarian friends.

To the Editor, Calgary Herald, Regarding your editorial “Lighthouse shines beacon on culture of defeat.”  I imagine if the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site barn was falling down in Calgary your paper would be up in arms.  I imagine if chunks of concrete were falling off the Harry Hays Federal Building your paper would be up in arms.  I imagine if the home next door to your Editor and Chief was unpainted and decrepit that your editor would be read more

Today is a great day for Nova Scotia

The sun came up, the world did not end, the Nova Scotia NDP are in power. As my wife joked with her mum last night “Yes mom, the NDP are going to be the government, put Dad on a suicide watch.” All joking aside, for 25-30% of the province, the election of the NDP creates a deep personal conflict. In rural Nova Scotia, success and livelihoods have for too long been tied to the government in power handing out contracts read more

Education – the biggest crisis the next government will face.

I have tried to write some kind of editorial style blog post for days and days, and so far, no dice. I think I am so frustrated, angry and disappointed about the state of P-12 education in Nova Scotia that it is just to hard to boil it all down. Whoever wins the election on Tuesday is going to have to deal with the greatest crisis we have faced in decades. Education is failing across Nova Scotia. The public school read more

Sad News About Vincent Chew

Many of you may know Vincent Chew, who worked in the Murderecords office during the mid 1990s and was involved with the management of the Halifax Pop Explosion for a number of years. As you may know Vince was working for the ICSSPE over in Germany. I regret to tell you that tragically, Vince was killed on his way home from work on Thursday Sept 25, 2008. There will be a funeral mass at St.Paul’s catholic church in Richmond, British read more

School Board Election Looms, Public Yawns.

Republished from wayemason.ca The school board elections are a short two weeks away.  In Halifax, the new, smaller Board means fewer seats, but the last few years of controversy seems to mean more interest and more candidates.  Election signs and pamphlets abound. It has been some time since I have written about education.  Call it a combination of burn out on the issue, and an interest in returning to anonymity.  Like dozens of parents, I spent hundreds of hours lobbying, read more

On the very verge of long term planning?

There is a great article in today’s Herald about the increase in average age of Nova Scotia’s infrastructure. The article, here (until the Herald hides it after a week,) says that Nova Scotia has the oldest infrastructure in Canada with an average age of “18 years in 2007 — 1.7 years more than the Canadian average.” It later goes into some detail: “The Statistics Canada study said the average age of Nova Scotia’s roads and highways dropped to 16.3 in read more

Dear Mr Windsor…

November 22, 2007 Dear Mr Windsor, I am writing to you today regarding your request for opinion regarding the HRSB’s upcoming application to the Utility and Review Board Regarding Number and Boundary of Electoral Districts. Speaking only for myself today, while reflecting on my recent fourteen months experience advocating for my community and quality education in the Halifax Region, I would like to outline several thoughts regarding the opportunities and pitfalls this review creates. Specifically, I would like to address read more