Why We Fight: A Primer on Recent NS Political History

My father was in the Navy, and his career bounced us from Ottawa, to Halifax, to Toronto, back and forth, for years, and then later, to Norfolk and London, England. While I spent half my youth living in Dartmouth, I spent the other half being conditioned by my mother to love Nova Scotia and miss home when we lived away.

Sound and fury, signifying more of the same…

So this week I got a press release inviting me to come the launch of the Nova Scotia Culture Action Network or NS CAN. It made me sad. At this point, my proposal to create a cultural federation of federations and industry organizations, something that represents the whole sector but is member driven, is at a standstill. I am just not interested in continuing to work to convince people to do the obvious. It is easier to work with the read more


Since people actually read this damn thing: 1 – I am not working at the Centre for Arts and Technology, they could not afford me. 2 – I am working for Ticket Pro Canada, they treat me right and its a cool gig. 3 – The Halifax Pop Explosion has become a year round part time job that pays. Whodathunkit? 4 – I have 2 other irons in the fire, one on NS Culture, one on economic development, that are read more

NS vs the World #1

BUSINESS CLIMATE INDEX: PROVINCE 20002001 Alberta 2nd 1st Ontario 1st 2nd Nova Scotia 4th 3rd British Columbia 3rd 4th Quebec 5th 5th Manitoba 6th 6th Prince Edward Island 9th 7th New Brunswick 7th 8th Newfoundland & Labrador 8th 9th Saskatchewan 10th 10th Only 2000 and 2001 statistics are used to determine rankings.