Where Did the Big Concerts Go? – Concerts in HRM Part 4

Rogers CentreSo, what is our goal?  Bring huge acts as tourism draws to Halifax and put us on the map?  Two thoughts:

First – let us reflect on the words of my friend, Ben Pearlman.  He is King’s College educated, former Halifax Pop Explosion Talent Director and now promoter working at …

On Stadiums, Summer Concerts, and Business Columns – Concerts in HRM Part 1

Rolling Stones, Landsdowne

Look closely at that picture over there. Rolling Stones, right? Halifax, or Moncton show? Neither. That my loyal readers is a picture of the Rolling Stones at Frank Clair Field in Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. The concert took place in a stadium.

Let’s talk about stadiums. In the Chronicle Herald …

Chronicle Herald | Rolling Stones – Another View

Note: This article was published in the September 25, 2006 issue of the Chronicle Herald on the Op/Ed page.

As the mud on the North Common slowly dries under the warm fall sun, you can hear the whirling sound of government, industry and media spinning rapidly and heartily. They spin …

Hello Readers

Maybe I should update this more often. In addition to Boost Ventilator, I know Ron Foley and, get this, the good people at the World Trade and Convention Centre (you know them from the Rolling Stones concert in Halifax) are reading this blog. Shout out to all you all.…

Rolling Stones

I was narcissistically checking my own website stats a moment ago…. top searches that result in people coming to my little blog so far this month…

Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones Halifax
Rolling Stones play Halifax?
Are the Rolling Stones playing Halifax in 2006.

Deep political commentary? No. Classic …