My take on Imagine Our Schools

I gave this presentation last night to HRSB Board Howard Windsor. My name is Waye Mason. I am the chair of a School Advisory Council on the peninsula and I am the publisher of the parents resource, and my children are in elementary and junior high school. It will be difficult to summarize my concerns with the staff report in just five minutes, so let me get straight to the point. The process of consultation run by CS&P was read more

My requests of the consultants

I have sent a letter to the consultants, and all the elected folks, in a reformat of the last post. I added on these requests: I am requesting you consider incorporating the following concerns into this process: • The calculation of capacity on the peninsula needs to be revised. If you accept that just one classroom in each school, as an average, is being used for ancillary program delivery but is being counted as empty, that removes almost 500 so read more

Public Consultation, not whitewash.

Mr Windsor, Minister Casey, It was with a some surprise and frustration that I recently received an email and then handout from HRSB staff announcing that the meeting between the Superintendent Carol Olsen and the SAC members from three Halifax schools slated for closure is being billed as a “Community Consultation.” I have attached the document being circulated to the school community. Unfortunately, this meeting is not community consultation. While the meeting is no longer behind closed door at the read more

Letter to Minister Casey

Minister, First of all let me thank you for your time and commitment to the problems, and specifically our areas issues, with the Halifax Regional School Board. When we first received word of your unqualified support for public consultation, I had hoped that the HRSB elected board and staff would hear your message and abide by it. Unfortunately, it must now be clear to you and all observers that neither board nor staff are prepared to act in good faith read more