Halifax Can Do Anything, We Just Can’t Do Everything

A wise woman once said “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything.”  It was my Mom, quoting her friend Linda, who was inadvertently quoting Hans Glint, the self help coach. This statement keeps coming to mind as Halifax heads into budget season and as the Canada Games come to a close, games that appear to have been successful by most measures.

Halifax, We Have To Talk!

If Halifax was friend of mine (and I like to think it is) I would be forced to take Halifax to out for a coffee, sit down in a private corner, and talk about what direction Halifax is taking with it’s life. “Halifax,” I would say, “you are a comfortably mature city with a lot going for it, but you are obsessed with being ‘world class,’ it’s all you seem to talk about these days!” Halifax would stare into it’s read more

Appreciating Depreciation

I had the most depressing discussion with a friend who runs an HRM facility yesterday. His assistant manager is retiring, and when I asked why, I was told ‘He is 60… but he also does not want to be here when the building starts to fall down’ Intrigued, I asked what he meant. What he said confirmed everything anyone who follows Halifax and Nova Scotia politics knows about universities, public schools, and extends it into sports and recreation facilities. He read more